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    I think I have found an bug in the password protection of wordpress sites.
    I have a page that’s visibility is password protected. Now when I update this page I need the passwort to look at it. For this I click at edit and copy the password from the textbox. I dont want to change the password, so I press cancel. The problem is, that when I do this, afterwards, the textbox for the password is empty and so the visibility of the page is public.
    Is this my mistake or is it bug in the password protection?

    I have this problem on a self hostet webpage, I just use this user to post here.

    The blog I need help with is paulstestblog2.wordpress.com.



    I think it’s a bug, but much more harmless than it sounds.

    As long as you don’t pres the big blue “Update” button, the status of the page won’t change. The field is blank, but the page will still carry the same password that was set the last time you updated or published the page.

    If you’re concerned, you can log out and test this out. Once you enter a password, your browser will remember this in a cookie (similar to logging in), so you don’t have to enter the password again.


    It is realy a bug, here is a description and a solution.



    Ah, excellent thanks! That’s part of the in-development branch of WordPress, but I’ll see if we can get that patch added in here ahead of schedule.

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