buttons and text misaligned: recent happening

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    I have noticed after ther past day or so that on some pages (not post or static) that on some buttons the text and buttons are not aligned, On some buttons that are blue I cannot read what is on the button (only part of the button shows.) On the upper right drop down menu after I log in the user name is now inserted between the two lines of my name. This all seemed to occur after I recently noticed an “insecure browser” message; however I am using IE9. I checked my compatabiity settings in IE9 Tools and it was greyed out. Apart from the look there does n ot seem to be any access problems. I just want to make sure that this situation does not lead to other problems.

    The blog I need help with is studioceramicscanada.com.



    For whatever reason, we show you as using IE7 – so if you are in fact using IE9, you somehow have the compatibility mode turned on. You can turn it off by following the instructions here.

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