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  1. desperatehorsewife

    I realize there was a question not long ago, and the answer pointed to the FAQ. However, I seem to be missing a step because I'm still not getting it (old dog, new trick, what can I say?)

    I've just switched from blogger. I'm trying to get the buttons/html links into my sidebar here. The text shows up, but the image does not. Although, there is a lovely, colorful little box that does link to where I'd like to direct my readers (but a photo would be better.)

    Here is what I've tried so far:

    I) Putting the html into a text widget. The photo does not show up. The HTML code switches to this, <img>, completely loosing the photo.

    II) Went to Blogroll, clicked ad link. Tried A) pasting link into address bar then clicking add link. Nothing showed up on the blog. Tried B) advanced/image address. Again clicked add link, again nothing on the blog.

    Obviuosly I'm missing something. Please help.

  2. desperatehorsewife

    Okay, I can see the little bit of html posted here got even smaller. Here's what's showing up in the Text box: < img> Minus the spaces, of course (hopefully it shows up here this time.)

  3. But the code between backticks (`) which is near the number 1.

  4. Please link to your blog, too, so we can see what you're talking about.

  5. desperatehorsewife

  6. I sympathise because I find the FAQ really doesn't explain the steps clearly enough, but I have no actual help to offer.

  7. I am awaiting a small but important change for some formatting in the faq. That will allow me to better explain the necessary steps.
    In the meantime, paste what is wrong here, but use [ ] instead of < > if you want and it can be fixed.

    @desperatehorsewife - where are the images you want to link to?

  8. desperate, please do what katm suggests and copy the code here into a post but make sure you place it within the backticks. That's the key to the left of the '1' key and above the tab on a standard PC keyboard.

    whatladder, might help us help you if you told us what specifically you're doing and link to what you're seeing. Can't help you unless we can see what you've done. Pasteing the code here might help as well as already noted in this thread.

  9. desperatehorsewife

    a href=""><img src=""/></a this the way to make it work here?

    The images are hosted at photobucket, Mark.

    Drmike, thanks for explaining a backtick =)

  10. You can't have an image link to a cafepress site in your sidebar as far as I know. It's against the terms of service (commercialization clause).

    There doesn't appear to be anything wrong with your code, as long as you're including the opening and closing pointy brackets.

  11. desperatehorsewife

    Okay, so no link to my cafe press store. But the other links to blogs aren't working, either. Actually, the link works, the pictures just don't show up.

  12. If you mean you want an image link to something in your blogroll, here's how:

    Go to your dashboard > Blogroll > Add Link.

    Enter name.

    Enter link.

    You can enter a description in (surprise!) the Description field–this will be visible when your mouse hovers over the link.

    Go to Advanced–you may need to click on the + sign to expand it.

    Enter the link for the image in the Image Address field.

    Enter notes and a rating if you like.

    Click Add Link to finish.

    Is that what you were looking to do?

  13. desperatehorsewife

    Defrostindoors, I just tried your instructions. Entered the image, clicked add link. It's showing up under blogroll management...but nothing is showing up on the blog itself. Is there a step here that's missing? I did click the update button on the management page, thinking that might do the trick, but it didn't.

  14. I think there's probably a based error with the image hosting servers. Send a feedback in on Monday and ask them to look at it. Many people are reporting issues with the sidebar images.

  15. desperatehorsewife

    Thank you, Raincoaster. I'll do that!

  16. I think you're allowed a link to your CafePress site, but not an image link: it used to specifically say a text link, now it says this:

    A discreet link to your business in the sidebar or an About page is permitted

    So you may want to ask staff for a clarification. Could be I'm out of date.

  17. desperatehorsewife: perhaps you're trying to post it in a blogroll category for which there are no posts?

  18. desperatehorsewife

    You've lost me, defrost. A blogroll category?

    I think the issue for me is that the image is not showing up. The link works, I'm just not getting an image. However, the technorati image seems to be working. The buttons work fine when they're in my post, just not the side bar.

  19. desperatehorsewife: I'm new here too but was able to put a pictured link on my sidebar. Check out the 'Petsy' logo on the sidebar at:

    If that is what you're talking about, try this:

    Go to: Write/Write Post --- upload your image, check Show 'Full size', Link 'None', then click the 'Send to editor' button and copy the code.

    Next, go to: Presentation/Widgets --- using a Text widget in the location you want it on your sidebar, add this code: <plug in the image code you copied from the editor here>

  20. Oops, it made code into a link. Let's try this again. For the last part, type this into your text widget (without the beginning and ending quote marks):

    "<paste the image code you copied from the editor here>"

  21. Grrrrr... errrr... try this: change the beginning "{" and ending "}"s to "<" and ">" respectively.

    {a href=http://www.whatever your link address is.html" "target=_blank"><paste the image code you copied from the editor here></a}

  22. @desperate:
    Your links=your blogroll, and links in the blogroll have categories, just like posts do. Defrost is referring to the way the blogroll used to work, where you had to have not only a link in a category but a post in the same category for the link to be visible on your site. This is no longer the case, so don't worry about it.

    I see that you have the Technorati button, but the other things in your sidebar (Go Ahead...Get a Little Wild!; Vote Today and Every Day!; Visit Me at Carpenter Creek!) are not links at all, just text. Have you put those in a text widget or are they on your blogroll links list (i can't tell from where i'm sitting)?

  23. desperatehorsewife

    Judy, they're links. The code is written as a link and it works everywhere but here. The little box that should be the image works as the link.

    The carpenter creek link is now working, image and all. However, the other two, which lead outside of wordpress, are still not showing the image. The code is written the same way, so there's no reason (at least in my mind) why the image shouldn't be showing up.

    Petsy, that's the way my code is written, too. Nothing wrong with the code, it just isn't working here. =(

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