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  1. etnphotography

    I would like to add a simple "Buy Photo" button under each one of my photos and have it directed to my website when someone clicks on the button. Is this even possible?

    The blog I need help with is

  2. vicky1clicker1tr

    Can I put a PayPal buy button on a .org site? I have learned that I cannot put it on the .com site, to am trying to learn the answer to this.

  3. @etnphotography
    Provided they are pictures taken by yourself personally and not by anyone else you will be in compliance with the ToS. You can confirm that with Staff by using this link >

  4. @
    We provide support here only for free hosted blogs. Yes you can use an encrypted PayaPal button on a install. No it's not the same as the unencrypted button we use here on blogs. All support question about wordpress.ORG installs must be posted over here > http://wordpress.ORG/support/

  5. @vicky1clicker1tr
    This link is to the unencrytpted PayPal donation button that we can use on free hosted wordpress.COM blogs. >

    We can also use Contact Forms >

  6. Thank you, but I dont want a button that someone actually buys from the blog site. I was wanting a button under each photo the only says "buy photo" and when someone clicks on it they will be directed to my web site where they can buy the print. I guess I need some type of link? But I want it to say "buy photo"


  7. Yes, you can make a text link or design a graphic button and link that image to your website to buy, BUT be aware that sites here that in staff's opinion exist only to drive traffic to a third-party site can be suspended. They're more lenient with artists and creators, but it's still in the Terms of Service. If I were you, I'd run it by staff first, contacting them by the Help button on your dashboard.

  8. vicky1clicker1tr

    Thank you. I will keep looking for this answer.

  9. @vicky1clicker1tr
    The answer for a free hosted blogs is here > This link is to the instructions for and unencrytpted PayPal donation button that we can use on free hosted wordpress.COM blogs. >
    We can also use Contact Forms >

    The answer for a wordpress.ORG install is here > Scroll down to PayPal set up >

  10. vicky1clicker1tr

    Thank you

  11. You're welcome.

  12. @vicky, talk with staff about it. I have several friend that are artists and there have been no issues linking to their own website, but I would still talk with them about it. I'm sure they will be fine with it.

  13. vicky1clicker1tr

    Thank you. The DVD in question is one I did make myself (I put on a seminar, hired a videographer to shoot it) but, in effect, I was the 'producer'. Yes, I will attempt to talk to staff.

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