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    I followed the advice for adding a Donate button on WordPress, and got the link up to my paypal account.

    However, I need a Buy Now button on my page. None of the templates in the WordPress forum say Buy Now, only Donate. Can anyone help me generate the right code for a Buy Now button?


    The blog I need help with is


    The buy now buttons are javascript and javascript will not work at wordpress.COM. All you can do is set the amount for the donation to the amount for your book (plus shipping and handling).



    Thanks for that reply.

    Can anyone else verify this? For instance, are their other ways around this problem, such as creating your own buy now button in non-javascript code?

    Also, if it cannot be done with, I’m assuming it can be done with a paid for account. I know little about the paid-for account option, and wonder how easy it is to transfer my existing account to a paid-for one.

    Could someone direct me to the FAQs on paid-for accounts, or at least offer a few pointers



    Moderator Emeritus blogs can use only the donate button:

    I don’t have experience with .org, but here is basic info about the difference between and
    You can do whatever you like on a self-hosted blog, according to the TOS of the provider. But if anything goes wrong, it is all up to you to fix it.



    Thanks very much for that

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