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    I am considering buying a domain in the near future, and I have a question.

    Lets say I buy a domain on WordPress. Does that mean that I am self-hosted? Because I don’t want that. And if I buy a domain name on WordPress, will the new .com site lead to my current blog automatically without additional fees?

    I also want to buy the Private Domain Registration which is 8 dollars. Do I have to buy the Private Domain Reg. BEFORE I buy the domain? And for the Private Domain Reg. Is it permanent(does it ever expire)?


    The blog I need help with is



    Lets say I buy a domain on WordPress. Does that mean that I am self-hosted?

    No – if you map the domain name to your blog here the only thing that changes is the address your visitors see. You will still be here at WordPress.COM and get our fabulous forum support by us unpaid what ever we are called plus the staff keeping the things behind the scene running

    You are asking about three different charges – each is for ONE year and needs to be renewed

    1) Domain name registration
    2) Domain Mapping – this is what makes your domain name go to your present blog
    3) Private Registration – hides your personal contact info

    I think they all add up to about $ 25 / year

    I think the Private part is done at the time the domain name is registered (purchased)


    Okay. Thanks for the help.

    One thing that I am still not clear on.

    Registering a .com, .org, or .net domain through and mapping that domain to your blog starts at $18.00 per domain and per year

    from the WordPress support site.

    So Mapping the domain and buying the domain combined isn’t 18 dollars?



    Registration ( $ 5.00 ) ++ Mapping ( $ 13–) totals $ 18.– which is the minimum to have your custom domain name work for your blog (i.e. not – for the $ 18.00 / year you would have

    I think the .me domain costs a bit more but I can’t remember for sure – that might be what they are referring to.

    Add for the private registration to hide your personal info in the registration if you want – not required


    Thanks so much. I appreciate your kind explanation.



    You be welcome & good luck

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