Buying a domain name and mapping – will I get adverts still?

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    Hi, I’m looking at buying a domain name from you and hosting my site with I’m a little confused about what the €24 No Adds’ thing is?’ …If I buy a domain name from you, doesn’t that mean that the adverts go away? Or would I HAVE to pay the €24 as well?

    I’m confused as I already have one wordpress site with you; Hosting, domain name & mapping …I also have the design customising upgrade but I don’t have the €24 No Adds thing. But, I don’t get adverts on this website …well, at least I hope not!! (I’ve never seen them).

    So what I want to know is, if I buy a domain name & mapping for my new site will I get adverts randomly appearing?


    p.s. Is this question public? Why am I asking the ‘community for support’?

    The blog I need help with is



    If you don’t buy the No Ads upgrade, you have ads. Buying a custom domain and mapping gets you a custom domain that works on your blog; it does not get you anything else.

    If you don’t have the $300 a year business bundle of upgrades, you don’t have live paid staff support.


    Thanks so much for your quick response and clarifying that for me. One further question though …I do not have the ‘No Ads’ upgrade on my current website BUT I don’t get adverts. I started this site in 2010 so, is it because it’s an old wordpress site that I don’t get adverts, or is it because I have the ‘custom design’ upgrade?

    Don’t get me wrong – I’m very glad I don’t get adverts! …I just don’t understand why I have them on my new site and not my old site when neither sites have the ‘No Ads’ upgrade. I’m trying to work out what’s different or if somethings changed

    Sorry for basically asking the same question again, I just don’t understand where this No Ads thing has come from. I don’t remember it even being an option when I started my first site (back in 2010).

    Do you happen to know what the adverts are?

    Thanks so much! (again)



    Ads have been on WordPress.COM since 2006, if you are logged in you don’t see them on your own blog. There was so much confusion by people that did not bother to read the Terms of Service that now (even on older blogs) they are putting a small empty box that says you might have an ad here that is visible when you are logged in



    if you are logged in you don’t see them on your own blog.

    Should be:

    if you are logged in you don’t see them on a blog unless a blogger is running WordAds.


    I see. Thanks for your time. At least I know now. Cheers!



    You be welcome

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