Buying a theme – what will I get?

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    Hello. I want to start off by saying that I really enjoy using WordPress but I have some questions regarding a theme, called “Fresh News”. I am interested of buying this theme but I don’t know if I will be able to get all settings to kinda make it look like this one: Even though this theme is cheaper on WordPress, will I be able to use all of its functions?

    Now I do not have WordPress on a own webhotel. Instead I just directed a domain to my current blogg on



    Even though this theme is cheaper on WordPress, will I be able to use all of its functions? and run on different software. The versions of the themes which are coded to run on our software found in the Themes Showcase typically may not include all of the features that the version of the theme has. I will flag this thread so it is moved to the Themes Forum and in that forum Themes Staff will provide you with more information tomorrow.

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    Themes Showcase – Fresh News


    Well I am using


    And the theme are there to buy but way much cheaper. This is why I am wondering if I will get ALL the functions.



    Hi gammlfar,

    The version of a premium theme may differ slightly from the original version because we adapt it for use in our hosting environment.

    You might want to take a look at the demo site for Fresh News on

    Are there any features in particular that you’re wondering about?


    Yes. Here you can see that you have more cool custom widgets, post image slider & dark header image that fits the links at the top which does not show on the WordPress demo site.


    Can I basically make it look like this:




    The version you are referring to is version, so if you purchase Fresh News at, your are able to make your site look like the demo.

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