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Buying domain through wordpress, but using different blog

  1. OK...Last year I bought my domain name through wordpress, and it's up for renewal and I don't want to use anymore, but I still want the address. Can I renew it through wordpress, but still use blogger or tumblr with my domain name?? Any help is appreciated.

    I don't need something as complicated as wordpress for my site and would rather go the easy route.

    The blog I need help with is

  2. Yes, you can do that. You can have your domain name with anyone, you just have to point your blog to it.

    Don't let your domain name expire. It may be difficult or impossible to get back if you do. (People squat expired domain names.)

  3. But would I need to pay for the domain mapping through wordpress? Because it doesn't give me any option to just pay for the domain.

    Thanks so much.

  4. ~~ morning mmadfan

    You would renew with WordPress.COM

    When your new site is ready you point the name-servers to your new site. At that point the domain mapping would just stop working. Don't delete your site here in case you change your mind about how "hard" WordPress.COM is (however since you have the custom domain name not such a big deal)

    Don't ever let your domain expire since it is part of your image, someone else could get it and start selling porn on it.

    What part of WordPress.COM did you find so difficult? I have found it not too bad and have had friends on other platforms struggle with what are simple things here.

    Also there is this great support forum if you get stuck :) (OK I am a bit biased)

  5. ~~ morning, auxclass!

    @susiebib: just to chime in, sometimes people are finding things hard to do on simply because of the theme they've chosen. There are different themes suited for different purposes, and there are themes that might be a better fit than the one you're currently using.

  6.'s my problem with wordpress...and you people are probably going to laugh, but when I edit my site and try to view it, it says 'invalid key' when i try to view my site. It does this any time I am logged in and even when I try to preview a theme, I get this message. order to see any of the work I have done, I have to logout first, then look at the site. So that anytime I make even a small change, I have to go through this process. It didn't used to be that way, so I don't know what I did to cause it... I am going to be really working hard at this little business of mine this fall, so I want it to be ready to go and at this's just not going to happen. It has very little traffic now, so if it doesn't look right between edits, it's no biggie...but I plan on using it much more soon so it will matter.

    I've just never had a problem on blogger or tumblr with anything at all... Though, I do appreciate wordpress very much AND their amazing help/forums/support, I just don't know that it's the best route for me because of the time it seems to be taking... I use to love wordpress...just getting frustrated w/this issue. :)

  7. That is an odd one - but there is a sort of try this first fix all - log out, then clear your cache and cookies from your browser - that seems to fix most of the odd behavior issues.

    See also:

    Also what browser and version are you using?

    No we are not going to laugh at your problem.

  8. How to clear cookies and caches on different browsers:

  9. Well... I didn't really expect you to laugh at the problem...just maybe call me a baby! lol!

    I have tried clearing the cache before, but it didn't work...I tried it again just to make sure. I use chrome...(can't find the version, but as soon as I checked, it started downloading an update) and FireFox 5.0. FireFox loves to freeze up when I try clearing, but Chrome does it well, but still doesn't change a thing.

    Any other ideas? As soon as I can get control of FireFox, I'll try it out there.

  10. Oh, thought i should add that I have the same problem in both browsers.

  11. No, not a baby, either! That would certainly be a frustrating problem for anyone! No wonder you're considering leaving -- but I'm sure there's a way to fix this, and once it is fixed, you may find yourself very relieved & quite happy with :-)

    I'm going to do a little hunting around -- I have no idea whether it could have something to do with your API key, but that's the only thing that springs to mind. Odd, though, that if that's the case, clearing your cache & deleting your cookies doesn't help. (You may have to "enable" or "allow" cookies after you clear them if you only clear those specific cookies and not your entire library of cookies.) It sounds more cookie-ish than cache-ish to me.

  12. Yeah...I think I've had it. WordPress is taking forever and everything else is working fine on my computer... I don't know what's going on, but blogger is looking really great right now.

  13. @susiebibb
    I did forum searches for "invalid key" and it appears Staff assistance is required to rectify the issue. Before you give up on may I suggest that you email Staff about this issue? [email redacted]

  14. Well, I don't have this same problem using a different computer, so there's something going on on my computer that's causing it... yuck! And yes, I will email support, thanks.

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