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Buying My Page??

  1. I'm considering spending the $17/year to buy my blog page. Do you sign a contract for a certain amount of years? How does this work. If I do purchase will that allow me to add friends websites and non wordpress blogs to my page or can I do that now and haven't figured out how yet??

    The blog I need help with is

  2. No contract - per blog per year

    You have not figured out how to add friends and links to them - nothing changes except your address for the $ 17-- - same Terms of Service apply etc.

  3. @phillypressbox
    Creating a blogroll has nothing whatsoever to do with purchasing a domain. Please read > domain mapping> Important Notes Before Upgrading

    We can all create a blogroll and choose the sites we choose to link to and they don't have to be free hosted blogs. They can be any blogs and if we are SEO savvy then we include only links to directly related sites that provide excellent related resources for our readers.

    Here's how to create a blogroll.
    Here's how to display your blogroll in your siddebar or in a footer areasfor widgets by installing the Links widget.

  4. I suggest you do a little more research; it doesn't sound like you're familiar enough with what upgrades buy you to be spending money quite yet.

  5. I'm considering spending the $17/year to buy my blog page.

    What you are referring to is purchasin an annually renewable domain mapping upgrade. The details are found here >

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