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    Hi all, I’m new to WordPress and am searching for the right theme for the site I’m building. I have some specifc needs and do far have not been able to find a theme that does everything I want.

    I’ve searched the web and all the free theme sites but havent found the right match.

    Writing the theme myself is incredibly daunting as I’ an artist, not a programmer… so its kinda out of the question.

    I’m fine with buying a theme from someone like but they dont support Widgets, and furthermore, I read that a lot of them dont work well due to poor code writing practices.

    Does anyone have ANY suggestions? I really need help here and my deadline for finishing this site is fast approaching.

    Where can I find well designed templates with lots of graphical feature,s widget support, etc….for free or otherwise? Like I said, I’m happy to pay for a theme…

    Thanks all, I really appreciate your advice.



    I think you may have forgotten to read this pinky sticky at the head of the forum entitled:
    Please read me first before posting

    When you speak of “the right theme for the site you I’m building” do you mean your blog here on If so then you have only these options:

    (1) choose one of the theme templates provided -> dashboard -> presentation -> themes
    (2) or purchase an upgrade and customize your css (cascading style sheets), assuming you have the skills required to do so.

    If neither of those alternatives suit you then you could leave and hire a webhost – information can be found here The webhost you hire can download one of the free over 800 different themes for you.

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