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By mistake in General Setting I changed my WordPress address + Site address URLs

  1. If there is an angel around...

    In the General setting I changed the urls in the WordPress address (URL) + Site address (URL) boxes and now I cannot access my admin anymore... Big mistake !

    I made what was simply "" become "" as the "new" location of my main WordPress core files and the root directory's URL. But all is a mess now.

    Would anyone be able to help guide me to restore my original URLs even if I cannot access my admin anymore ?

    Thanks in advance !

    The blog I need help with is

  2. The site you are asking about does not seem to be hosted on WordPress.COM so you need to make friends over at WordPress.ORG the keepers of the software you are using.

    This site is for support of sites hosted on WordPress.COM. You should address your questions to WordPress.ORG the keepers of the software you are using:

    For more on the difference:

  3. Thank you very much for your quick response.
    I'm glad now to read "7 things to know before posting" as well as the difference between .com and .org.

    The urls I posted were as examples - my actual site is :
    "" - but from I guess I'm indeed a .org !

    Off to seek help there.
    Best !

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