By registering your own domain, can you then add google analytics?

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    Hey Everyone,

    I know that wordpress won’t allow users to add google analytics or any foreign code into their blogs, but, if you register your own domain, can you then add google analytics?

    I wasn’t sure if wordpress would still be hosting the domain, and hence, would still block any outside code.



    The blog I need help with is



    If you use with domain mapping you still can’t use Google analytics.

    If you move your blog to a self-hosted site then you can do just about anything, including run Google Analytics


    No. Having your own domain name is just that. Your site here appears under that URL. It does not exempt you from the restrictions or terms of service here.

    To have GA, you have to self-host a wordpress.ORG installation on a third-party hosting service such as dreamhost, bluehost, etc. Figure an average monthly cost to do that, all things considered of $10 to $25 depending on your requirements.

    You will also be responsible for all installations, all upgrades, all backups and all troubleshooting. If something goes wrong you have to figure it out and fix it. WordPress has made it very easy to self-host and administer a site, but there is still a lot more involved.



    Just what I was afraid of – thank you both for the information, though!

    Maybe I haven’t given WordPress’s site stats a fair shot, but it seems like could offer a lot more functionality.

    Anyway, thanks again.



    There are a number of 3rd party stats counters that you can use on your blog. Timethief has several posts on her site about these. See here: and the related links at the bottom of her post.



    Thank you, Jennifer – this was very useful.

    After some searching and experimenting, I ended up going with the StatCounter service.

    Again, thanks.



    Most welcome and happy blogging.



    GA: have on all my non-WP blogs and don’t think
    much of it. None are business blogs, but it’s sloppy
    (inaccurate) -not helpful.

    StatCounter: on all my blogs for years (long before
    Google had any stat count) –it’s okay. One feature:
    info on readers more than GA gives.
    But Note: CANNOT get “keywords” or “keyword activity”
    on WP blogs (because of java)

    What’s Really useful: Google’s Webmaster Tools
    –you CAN have on WP. Do a search for good WP
    tutorial how to sign up; takes few weeks till Google
    can start giving your data.

    Webmaster Tools lists:
    -HTML need to fix
    -what the bot COULDN’T find
    -speed time to load blog & a speed-up tool
    -linked data
    -New Tool: update your current page (–preview
    of your blog, in Google search results)
    & Much more
    Webmaster Tools gives Extensive detail (e.g., All
    keywords, ranked –like hundreds on mine, lol).
    Also for ea tool: HELP links
    –WT one of the best things Google has created

    Bon Appetite

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