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C-SPAN Video Embedding?

  1. How do I get C-SPAN Video code to work on

    The blog I need help with is

  2. See here please > Videos. There is no shortcode for C-Span videos. The Vodpod Videos Widget is a great way to display image-based links to your favorite videos from around the web in your sidebar. It shows up to 3 of the videos you’ve most recently added to Vodpod. Would you like to try it?

  3. Yes, I've tried Vodpod today and for some reason it displays as a still picture. But I'll try any suggestions you have. Thanks.

  4. How do I get the VodPod Widget?

  5. The instructions are found here >
    First, sign up for Vodpod. Then click Add Video near the top of the screen.

  6. You may also be able to put it in via the Gigya Shortcode, which you can read about at

  7. I believe this is the link you were thinking of > The gigya shortcode 1 – inserting videos

  8. Hello WP,

    Im having difficulties attaching a url video link, there is a change in attaching videos and there is no submit button.
    Im also having a problem with linking up images to the rightfull owner, it works fine at the start and then it stop linking to another site, what may I be doing wrong? or is this something WP is working on?

  9. @outsiderswindow: For the sake of organization, please start a separate topic and we'll take it from there:

  10. Vodpod is dead. They got bought by Lockerz a little while ago. Forums are shut down, contact details removed from site. People having all sorts of problems even those that paid. I am work on a video site who haves clients who would like to embed the video content they paid us for on their blogs. Vodpod used to work for us with basic tags but we have moved to iframes now and there is no iframes allowed on, you cant extend it in any way (where is the wordpress app store??). Not sure how we can work with should I advise clients to stay away from, move to hosted, go blogger? Would be happy to make a widget and have WP check it and we would even pay for this to happen if its going to appear in the list of affiliates but every docs says vodpod, vodpod, vodpod and it dont work!

  11. You can't use iFrames on period, for security reasons.

    Vodpod works. I use it practically daily. But you can't use iframes; you have to get the Old embed codes in order to do it. The new codes are so things show up on iPads, etc.

  12. Security? app store!

    Try posting a support question to the Vodpod errors. No one has posted anything since August. Lockerz plan to 'integrate' the product into their current platform, what does that mean?

    Does anyone know if there is a procedure for applying to become a video affiliate? How much does it cost?

  13. "a video affiliate?" Of You can buy the space upgrade and the Videopress upgrade, if that's what you're looking for.

    If you are asking how to have videos that your company produces directly embeddable in blogs, you'd have to contact staff directly and ask. There is a vetting process, if they say they'll consider it, but we volunteers in the forums have nothing to do with that.

  14. Thanks for your reply, As I mentioned before I am the one with the video hosting site that have clients on that site who would like to embed the content they paid me to produce into their blogs. It has to be hosted from my site, otherwise there is no point in trying to run an online video business!

    I searched across the site to try and find a way of contacting staffers about this issue and you would think the obvious place was on this page that lists the affiliates but no. I would love to contact staffers about this issue but how would I do that do you know?

  15. I would try or email support at

  16. Thanks for the link, I will report back to this thread if I get anywhere with this problem.

  17. I just paid $60 to upgrade to VideoPress today and in using the tutorial at the screen shot there does not resemble my own. Yours has 5 icon buttons beside Upload; mine has 3. Is there a version upgrade I am missing. I do not see a dedicated video upload button, just the 'Media' upload button.
    I appreciate your help.

  18. No, you're fine. Use the little camera icon; WP reduced the number of icons, but they function the same way. The Media button is now used for all those kinds of things.

  19. Thanks raincoaster. So from what I've been able to gather I can upload two ways: paste the URL from my YouTube account OR embed the video directly into the blog post? I've tried both. The first works okay (though I wonder if it's a shorter upload time if I go directly through WP) and I haven't been able to see any kind of status bar with the second one. At least I can see my upload status with YT, but there is no way of knowing the upload status from WP.
    Sorry to be so convoluted here, but the tutorial images don't agree with what I see, as you pointed out.

  20. I am also getting conflicting information about how much space I have available:

    "Maximum upload file size: 1GB.Your browser has some limitations uploading large files with the multi-file uploader. Please use the browser uploader for files over 100MB.After a file has been uploaded, you can add titles and descriptions.

    103.4 kB used, 3.0 GB (100.0%) upload space remaining. You can upload mp3, m4a, wav, ogg audio files and increase your available space with a Space Upgrade."

  21. The 1 GB is for a single file -

    The 3 GB is for the total of all uploads.

  22. Thanks! Another question: I have an "old" YouTube channel which I've been forced to abandon since Google took over. How do I merge the old channel with my new one? Or must I re-load all of my old videos into my new channel?

  23. Afraid we're not the place for answers about Youtube channels. That'd be YouTube.

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