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    I just purchased a domain for $17 and need to cancel it now. It has a two day guarantee of refund but the support staff is out of the office until Oct 29. can someone please help or contact me. TY

    The blog I need help with is


    I’ll tag this thread for staff attention and hopefully they will respond shortly and get this taken care of for you.


    Hi there
    We are experiencing the same problem as member: dawneprochilo – we purchased the domain ‘’ yesterday, but require an urgent amendment to this domain name, or canceling the current domain if necessary. Please can you confirm this will be possible beyond the standard 2-day guarantee, due to the absence of your support team?
    thanks, NHB


    Read my post right above yours. If your request here in the forums is within the 2 days, then there is no problem.


    I need to cancel my domain for 25$. I want a refund and need this to be done within the 48 hour time limit, but they are on vacation. I need this canceled what can I do?!



    Hi. I just purchased the domain ‘’ for $25 yesterday (22/10/2011). I’d like to cancel the domain and get a refund. Thank you.

    P.S. Thanks @thesacredpath, I was a bit worried before whether i’d be able to request for a refund (even though my request is within 48 hrs) because the support staff won’t be back until Oct 29th. Now i can stop worrying. :)


    As long as you have posted here within the 2 days, there is no problem. Hopefully staff will come through soon and get this taken care of for you shortly.



    I’ve sent an email to each of you.

    As long as you’ve requested a refund within 48 hours of domain registration, we’ll process your refund.

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