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    I still find it difficult to use WordPress and utilizing all the features associated with it. My Blog, is My Space and they seem so, different with the way they’re used. I don’t know maybe, it’s me and I’m not as sufficient as need be. Everything, is confusing to me even after, I’ve read and reread all the material with regards to creating a blog. I practice and practice to no avail, it just creates more confusion. I try to absorb and learn a little each day and hope to retain it long enough to put it to use. This is a slow and tedious process because, I’m not sure where my material actually winds up or whether, I’m using the proper forum. When writing and posting anything I would like to know I’m directing my message to it’s intended recipient.
    I don’t want to make a big deal out of this issue because, I am quite capable of researching the necessary information to maybe, resolve this dilemma. I’ve tried believe me however, I just don’t get it, not all of it anyway. Maybe, if I keep at it eventually, things will start to germinate. It would be interesting and curious to see if anyone else is experiencing issues with interpreting what exactly a Blog, is in relative to My Space, is it one and the same. You do your work on My Space and what results is a Blog, a page? Well, this page is sitting, where? and doing what? Is it only possible the Blog, be reviewed by specifically going on

    The blog I need help with is




    What is a blog?
    A blog is a collection of commentary posted on the internet. There are all different types of blogs including personal, corporate, political, mom blogs, podcasts, video, and more. Blog posts are typically displayed in reverse-chronological order with the latest posts at the top. If you have 3 minutes, check out this fantastic video.

    See also >

    We Volunteers answering questions on this support forum will be glad to help you with your bligging issues. However, we cannot isolate what your issues are without you providing specific details and where appropriate links.
    Here’s the link to a tutorial that you may find to be helpful. >



    Morning @timethief – a few quotes from their blog might explain a few things

    Haven’t made any headway with my blog. Probably because, I haven’t the slightest clue as what possibly to contribute. I have no pressing need or any desire to solicit or sell anything. Oh yea, forgot, I do have some dated Silver Dollars, in mint condition but, I’m really attached to them......
    Not much success with the 1st blog.  I have no idea where these “Blogs appear” or to whom will be fortunate/unfortunate enough to discover them.........

    I think they started their blog with not a clear vision of where they are going – there is some frustration in the other Posts also. The basics of WordPress software is quite easy to use for just plain writing.

    However when I registered my domain I had not a clue what I was going to do with it – it was just too good to pass up when it came out of registration, as near as I can figure the guy that originally had the name registered the name for 5 years and never used it. So my site has been one of evolution over 2 or 3 years – I have a separate site for just mumblings that is 6 months old and has changed direction a couple of times already.

    My best guess is their reaction is one of general frustration and has not much to do specifically with



    Oh Oh – guess I need to figure out how to do block quotes – the code back tick thing really messed up my Post –



    I do believe I posted a menaingful comment with relevant links. If you have more helpful advice to add please do so. :)



    OOPS! spelling error “menaingful” ought to have been “meaningful”



    Not advice really – my observation is I think they have a blog and they are struggling to decide what to do with the blog. My only advice to them on that is to not worry about the blog and use it when the spirit moves them – the blog is for THEM not your or me. Some share information on specific subjects (you and I do that) and others just observe what is happening – yet others share their journey from the new pet to beating alcohol.

    The reverse of your site – your site has a clear vision and direction – my main site wanders but is all related to boating safety in some way – my other site wanders based on if I am observing the Honey Sauce fake honey at the fast chicken place or making Christmas cookies or observing people that drive off from gas stations without paying for the gas –

    And yes I babble at times – a feature no extra charge :)

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