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Calculate a final Value..

  1. Hi to all.

    i need to have in my blog a way to calculate a value based in 3 variables inserted by my reader, and to give him/her a result in the end.

    number of cars: ###
    Km made by year: ###

    Result: ### (cars x km/year)

    I can i do this in wordpress?????

    Thanks a lot

  2. No - we have no functions that can do that, sorry.

  3. Hi mark.

    There is no wiget that can do this??


  4. None.

    But you can find an external site that can do it and link to it. There must be plenty of sites out there that function as calculators.

  5. Hi raincoaster.

    do you know one that you cna tell me?

    Thanks a lot!

  6. No, sorry.

  7. how about*34kilometers+in+miles

    darn bbPress, you gotta copy/paste a whole link to get a result

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