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    I would love the calendar to have a countdown to a special event. Is that possible so that I can have it on my blog?



    This has been discussed many times before and there are threads in the forum search box that will lead you to the tickerfactory That counter which is in html and can be placed in a post is your only alternative as we cannot use counters coded in javascript at



    Thanks timethief sorry I didnl’t search your right there mmh sorry about that. But that site I can’t get that site tow work properly I can’t get past the second step



    hmmm … it worked for me before … going to check this out now be back soon

    I’m back now so what do you mean by the second step?
    (1) The first step is to click a link for one of these
    Trying To Conceive
    Create a menstrual cycle day count.
    Count your weeks and days of pregnancy. Due Date count down.
    Baby and Child Age
    Display the age of your baby or child. Weight Loss
    Display your progress. Count down to your target weight.
    Count down to a birthday.
    Count down to your anniversary.
    Vacation & Travel
    Count down to an upcoming vacation or travel. Event
    Count down or up to a special event.
    Exercise & Fitness
    Track your progress towards your exercise and fitness goal.
    (2) Once you click on of those links you choose a sticker “ruler” style. Is that where you are hung up? From there you just click next and select a slider icon. Finally you select the html code to paste into a post. [It doesn’t fit in a text widget well. When I tried it overflowed the theme frame.]

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