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Calendar and Archives are detrimental to rank?

  1. A continuation of the issue brought up in this thread.

    How exactly does the Calendar and Archives negatively impact the Google search rank? They are extremely useful navigation tools, so it's important to know why without going into too much of the "nitty gritty".

  2. So helping people get around a site hurts us? BRILLIANT! Who was the smart ass that thought up of this? Eh.

  3. Thanks so much for posting this here. This is where we can invite those who really understand SEO (search engine optimization) to educate us. nosy and sulz and rain and disembedded and I have all been here at for around a year. I'm sure we all want to learn so ... SEO gurus bring it on!

    Please explain first this Google archives and calendar single link back thingee to us in a way we can understand and apply to our blogging.

    We need a quote from the reference thread that started this all but I have to go. ...later ...

  4. it's very simple -- there is no such thing as SEO.

    at least in the sense a crowd of seoers' punters dig it.

  5. thistimethisspace

    here's the reference
    So it seems that another blogger thought a duplication of content in archives and categories can cause a mark down at Google.

  6. But Google should know that people have archives and a calendar so to help their visitors navigate through their sites.

  7. Wow, this doesn't sound logical at all. Wouldn't putting more links around your blog increases the chance for search engine spiders to pick up the links? (Sorry for the clumsy phrasing.)

  8. so is that why my stats always hover around the 100-hit mark?

    does this also apply to the many related posts links i put in my posts?

    i could do away with the archives, but i really love my calendar... =P

  9. todayyesterdayandtomorrow

    Here's the answer, wordpress already has a plugin to solve it, and we want it too pretty please!!!!!!

  10. The plugin would have to be adapted to run on multiuser software. The way to make a request for this feature is to send a contact to staff after the weekend. I'll leave it to you to do that. :)

    On my own hosted install of software I do not use either the calendar widget or the archives widget.

  11. I like both because it lets me see how I'm doing compared to individual days as well as months as a whole. Also, visitors can choose which ones to browse through. Since I use the More tag, only the individual blog pages contain the full entry.

    That plugin would be nice. I'm going to send in a request, too.

  12. We have no stats to indicate whether or not our users actually utilize the calendar. And as far as the Archives go I can see from stats on several blogs that the occurrence of readers actually using them is next to zilch.

    On my blog hosted by A Small Orange, I have my rss feeds set to summary and I use the more tag as well to discourage sploggers. I also have plugins to state the copyright restrictions in the feed, to identify IP's and to trace those who do scrape my content.
    To add a copyright note at the end of your feeds, get the Angsuman's Feed Copyrighter
    Digital Fingerprint is a plugin that helps you 'spot' who's stealing your content
    To get the commenter's real IP address, get Check IP Behind Proxy

    I have also previously suggested that these plugins be adapted for and installed for use on all our blogs here across the platform

  13. I like my calendar and archives. Screw em!

  14. Yo honey! Do what you will. :)

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