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    Hi all – just started looking at wordpress and am impressed with what I’ve seen so far.

    However, I’ve got a question – I run a community website and we were looking for a quick way to update it with news and information about stuff thats going on, hence the blog :)

    But what we’d really like is to have a calendar showing future events which we could link to entries with information about those events – but I can’t see a way to do it. I’ve found the calendar sidebar widget but I can’t see how to get posts for the future to appear on the calendar.

    Can anyone suggest any solutions?




    Honest answer – WordPress (And blogs in general) is probably not the solution for you. You might want to find some off site calender program or a website that does scheduling that you can link to.

    Good luck,



    ah well, thanks for the answer anyway :)


    I am also running a community website and found a rough and dirty solution.
    If you’re too desperate, just do the following:

    1. put the standard calendar on the site
    2. view the site and press the right button on the calendar
    3. select “view source”
    4. copy the text from <table id=”wp-calendar”> to </table> into buffer
    5. remove calendar from the site and insert a Text box instead
    6. put the copied text into the text box (second field)
    7. find the “today” item and remove it – current date will not be highlighted anymore
    8. remove all the [a href=”…”] … [/a] – change the brackets to <>

    9. Next, the dates with no events should be in the form <td>1</td>
    10. the dates with events should be in the form <td>[a href=”http://…”]1[/a]</td> – change the brackets to <>
    11. You’ll have to repeat 9-10 every time you insert a new event
    12. You’ll have to repeat 1-12 every month

    It is all actually not that hard, but is still annoying. I hope the developers will
    introduce future events at some stage.

    Meanwhile, enjoy the rough solution and never say “impossible” :)



    Maybe set up a forum like at Proboards, which they have the type of calendar you’re talking about, and then maybe link to it from your sidebar here.



    You can also link to a Google Calender as well.



    You can manage a calendar through Google Calendar and the embed your Google Calendar into a page within WordPress. This way visitors can view your calendar of events on your WordPress blog.

    Google has info on how to do this here:


    The google calendar requires an iframe embed, and iframes are not allowed here at due to security concerns on this multiuser platform. What you have linked to will only work on self-hosted blogs using the software downloaded from

    Here at, we can subscribe to an RSS feed of a google calendar, but we cannot use the embed.



    I just read through the other posts and realized that it won’t work the way Google describes it. I am hosting WordPress on my own server, so it works for me…I hadn’t considered the iframe issue for

    Thanks for your quick replay to keep someone else from following the dead end path I would have put them on. :-)


    Not a problem, and you’re welcome. Luckily someone came up with the idea of using the RSS feed of the calendar here at .com, so there is still an option, just not as elegant as the embed.

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