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    I’m looking for a calendar to embed on that will somehow display when there is an event on a particular date. I’ve tried to Google Calendar but it doesn’t do the above (all the dates look the same) and then when you click the Google Calendar link at the bottom you get to the log in screen for Google even though the “share” box is checked and the “save” button has been pushed so it’s of now value.

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    The blog I need help with is


    Calendars in sidebars are too small to show events or anything. You have to embed it in a page so that it can be larger. Paste the code into the HTML tab on a page and then preview that page and you should get a lot more detail. It would also be best to set that page with the “no sidebar full width” template. That will give even more detail.

    The google calendar end of things is fraught with problems actually, at least from my experience, and the fact that the link doesn’t work even though sharing is on doesn’t surprise me.

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