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calendar/ sign-up sheet on WP?

  1. Hello! First off, I apologize if this is the wrong place to put this. I've tried searching extensively for an answer, and I couldn't find one, so I thought I should ask!

    I'm a guildmaster in a "Star Wars: The Old Republic" guild ( I'm assuming most of you haven't played massively-multiplayer online games, so I'll try to be descript: in the game, there are events that multiple players can team up for, and to organize those events, we'd like to have a calendar, where users can sign up for said events. We'd like to make it so that players can sign up for events without needing to create an account on the website, or anyplace else for that matter, simply by visiting the website and, say, typing a nickname into a field, or something to that effect.

    Our website has SMF forums, but their calendar system is a bit wonky and confusing, and not everyone in our guild wants to create an account for the forums. There must be an easy way to do it on WordPress, but thus far it has been anything but! I can speak on behalf of the 120-ish members of our guild when I say we'd appreciate any help anyone can offer on this subject. :)

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  3. jennatsagepoint

    Hi, You can access free online signups sheets (and calendars, and a group wall) on Sagepoint, found at First, establish a free account on Sagepoint. Next, go to the 'GROUPS' tab to start a new group. Add members now, or wait until you set up your next event.

    When you are ready to set up your first event. Go into your group tab, choose your Star Wars group, and find the icon for 'new event'. Read each field carefully and input the information. At first, you may want to "save a draft" prior to sending your event to recipients......this will allow you to view what you have done so far, and edit anything you want to.

    Once the item is sent out to your invitees, it will appear on your calendar in Sagepoint. Any of your group members who establish an account on Sagepoint will also have this calendar.

    If any members choose not to establish an account, that is ok. They will still have access to signing up for all of your events, but they will not see the calendar.

    All invitees can receive automated email reminders through Sagepoint reminding them of the signup deadline, and/or reminding them of the event. These signup reminders are setup by you when you are creating an event, but Sagepoint will send out the reminders for you at the time(s) you choose. That means you will not have to send reminder emails yourself. Nice!

    If you need any help, feel free to contact me directly on my wordpress blog at Sagepointers. Happy gaming to you and your group!

  4. jennatsagepoint

    I also wanted to let you know that when you create a new event on Sagepoint, you will have an option to create a link to that event. This allows you to copy the link to other websites you have, facebook, emails, etc. This may be a great option for finding new members for your group.

  5. @mattrock607
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