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Calendar Widget Date Not Today

  1. Hi,
    I've noticed that the date highlighted is always a day behind. Any reason for that? For example, today's Friday but Thurday is highlighted.

    I hope it has nothing to do with the time differences for different locations around the globe. I've set my blog time accordingly (for my location) in the 'Options' tab.

    Thanks in advance for help rendered!

  2. I'm guessing the time zone that you have your blog set to is still on Thursday.

  3. I went back to my 'Options' tab to check the dates and it correctly reflects today's date and time. I went on to switch the hour difference to a negative value and the date went to yesterday. I switched it back to my original hour difference and now it is ok. The highlight had moved to Friday. Weird.

    It should not be the value of the time zone that I've set because all my posts reflect the correct date and time in the text editor screen('Write' tab) as well as after it is published.

    I'll check on the calendar again tomorrow to see if it gets updated correctly.


  4. That's strange because by your IP address, you should be setting your time to a positive 8 hours.

    It may be set for the server time which would be GMT.

  5. drmike,
    Yes, i've always set it to positive 8 hours. It's a good thing that WP allows you to verify the date and time settings in the same 'Options' tab after the changes are made. And they were correct after I sent in this thread. However, I only noticed the calendar widget was out of whack since the last week. It was always 1 day behind.

    Anyway, since yesterday's re-update of my time difference yesterday. The calendar seems to be ok now.


  6. Thanks for letting us know this issue has been resolved. Happy blogging :)

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