Calendar widget not showing posting dates with Light theme

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    I’ve set up a blog using the Light theme and added the “calendar” widget. However, the widget is not revealing which days I’ve posted on. There’s a link there, but the format for posting dates is exactly the same as for dates on which I didn’t post. Is this a bug in the Light theme? Or am I missing something?

    The blog itself is at



    You’re right: I see no difference at all. If I were you I’d report it to staff via email: support at wordpress dot com. That will take a back-end fix, if it can even be done. I assume the theme designer coded it so that her format directions would override widgets, and that may NEVER be changed. If I were you I’d try a different theme if the Calendar widget is important to you. Test it first, of course.



    This could be fixed with the CSS upgrade, but personally I don’t see why you should have to pay them so you can fix their bugs. It’s a one-line addition to the CSS and it would take them about thirty seconds to do.

    #wp-calendar a {color:#5ca605}

    would change the links to the same green as used for the entry titles. Or you could use #253c4e, the dark blue from the header.


    Thanks for the suggestions. I emailed support and they changed the CSS quickly.

    Issue resolved.

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