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Calendar Widget Not Updating

  1. My calendar stills says November. It's Dec. 1st.

    My OS is fine ... shows the correct month.

    I tried removing the widget, saving changes and then going back to put back the widget and saving changes. Nothing happens. Still shows November.

    I'm using K-2 Lite. Here's my site:

  2. what's os?

    try making a post today, it should show the latest month with your latest post. otherwise, time to send feedback, or you can wait for a day to see if the problem resolves itself in time.

  3. That did the trick. How silly of me not to figure that out!

    OS is Operating System.

    Thanks so much. Maybe I just need more java.

  4. no problem =) just as not it's not javascript *hohoho, lame*

  5. I love java sweet and hot ... ~~~~

    {Does anyone else out there love choral singing and creating harmonies?}

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