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    When you looking at different themes, it doesnt say which one that support calendar. Is there a way to look at theme with calendar without checking all of them?

    I can see that Regulus 2.1.1 do support calendar.

    Same with archive, I don’t know which one that support it.

    I am using Blix and I hope it do support calendar and all other features.



    i don’t think thr’s a solution to your question right now, but as i know (i previously change themes every other day) guentin and regulus have calendars. thr might be others i have forgotten abt. i believe thr is an archive widget, so all themes that have sidebar widgets would be able to show archive in the sidebar of your blog



    I’ve noticed that the calender is also dependant on which side you put it on as well. The celender breaks when inserted on the left sidebar of Andrea09. (Unless of course if its been fixed by now.)

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