Call for genocide – blog inappropriate

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    Political debate, even a political operative using propaganda techniques is one thing, but a call for genocide
    is over the line.

    I ask the management to look at these remarks, who is actually speaking in them. Is the blogger the same as the
    genocide comment and others?


    “killdemos said 23 hours ago:

    when will we just start executing the rats..they are the party of criminals and scum..”


    The is exactly the type of propaganda that directly caused the genocide in Rwanda.

    I am not a Democrat and would call your attention to this if it were Democrats calling for killing Republicans.


    “Democrat Vote Fraud Triple Play by American Elephant
    American Elephant said 1 day ago:


    I’m sorry, youre just plain wrong.

    Party is certainly not more important to me than the Constitution or the law — thats part of why I am a Republican, because, unlike Democrats, Republicans hold their representatives and party members accountable. The idea that “everyone is equally guilty” is intellectually lazy and ignorant.

    When a Republican does something illegal, we force them to step down or vote them out of office. When a Democrat does something illegal, they circle the wagons around that person, defend them, re-elect them and promote them. Republicans are the only party that has rules that require any leader who gets involved in an ethical or legal problem to step down from their leadership position — Democrats have no such rule. Indeed, they used Republicans rule against them by having a partisan hack prosecutor bring bogus charges against Tom Delay. Delay stepped down despite the charges being thrown out of court.

    And so you have a Democrat party where William Jefferson still sits in congress despite having stolen 90,000 from the taxpayers and abusing his power to save his own home during hurricane Katrina, where Jim Johnson and Frank Raines advise Barack Obama despite committing fraud 10 times worse than anything Enron did, where Barney Frank ran a prostitution ring out of his own basement, but still sits in congress, and still has a leadership postition. Where Sandy Berger who stole top secret documents and destroyed them to prevent americans from learning the truth about that administrations negligence, and he advises Democrats to this day. And on and on and on…

    You claim that Republicans commit vote fraud, but you cant name any. Yet I can name a whole laundry list of Democrats being convicted by courts for vote fraud and you think both sides are equally corrupt.

    Your arguments are simply not supported by the facts.
    You said 1 day ago:

    Everyone is not equally guilty, but each party has sold out the USA, and that at the direction and arm twisting of the current administration.

    Election or no election the corruption is out of control, is altering our fundamental form of government- not for the better.

    Even in your answer, you have zero reflection on the best for the nation, only what is wrong with the democrats- apply a critical view to both Republicans and Democrats today.

    Rome is burning.

    Ranting of the evils of one party, when your own party set the fire is denial.

    I am for the US Constitution and Lawful government.

    Your party in power is not more important than lawful government.
    After 8 years of Bush we no longer have lawful government in either party.

    No one on earth trusts the USA, US banking, our word, our values, our honor. We are bankrupt in debt to other nations and bankrupt morally.

    Rome is burning.

    Americans have always rose to the occasion: hurricanes, earthquakes, depression, wars.

    We the people WILL rise to the occasion now.
    Step up to the plate with good men and women.
    To hell with the partisan lust for power.
    American Elephant said 1 day ago:


    Your comments are so general and simplistic, they are hardly worth replying to. You have lots of asinine generalizations and accusations and zero specifics.

    The best interest of the country is making sure we have fair and legal elections and that fraud is uncovered and punished.

    This article points out several instances of large scale vote fraud that is documented, and yet you don’t seem to care about that whatsoever, you got your panties in a bunch that we dare criticize the party who is perpetrating the vote fraud, and have been ranting incoherently about Republicans and Bush ever since, without a scrap of evidence to back up your childish cliches and hyperbole. Which tells everyone that it is YOU who puts ideology before country, not us.

    killdemos said 23 hours ago:

    when will we just start executing the rats..they are the party of criminals and scum..

    The Elephant’s Child said 18 hours ago:

    Yes, it is deeply discouraging. But don’t argue by calling names, argue with facts. Let the Democrats argue by calling names — they’re good at it. You don’t change minds or even inform by just insulting the other guy.:)

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    You can report the blog directly to staff which will be much more effective than posting in the forum. Click on the ‘Blog Info’ link on the right hand side of the navigation bar.



    Hi Baguano101!

    If you are no happy with the content, your should engage the blogger. This is obviously between you and the blogger. It’s up to the blogger to respond or not.

    Put it this way, even if this blogger is Adolf Hitler helming Nazi Germany now, unless he really goes around killing… that’s a police case.

    I think if you don’t like it, it is your liberty to comment in his/her blog.

    There are thousands and millions of likes and dislikes plus stigmas and such… You can’t expect WP team to cater to all these. LOL~



    Check “Offensive material” and the link there.

    And you do know that by posting links you give them more publicity?



    Hi Mark!

    I read the links to nearly-freewhatspeech and find that we share common ideology. LOL~

    Basically, I think that people nowadays have a very strange views about free speech in that theirs are free speech and others are not. And you got ridiculous demands that bloggers have to write in the will and fancy of those making demands.

    It’s as if I am blogging on payroll. LOL~
    Crazy people.




    Sounds like killdemos is a mere troll; I wouldn’t worry about him too much.



    I would just ignore them those type of bloggers don’t have much credibility
    any ways & usually they draw readers that also don’t have much credibility.

    I recently had a run in with with a blogger that didn’t have much credibility
    & they blogged about my avatar & it drew in there unruly readers & I made the
    made the mistake of leaving a comment & all it did was draw more traffic for

    So I suggest to just leave them alone & move on there is plenty of unruly bloggers
    out there you know where you stand & that is what matters.

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