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Call for Volunteers: Help Translate After the Deadline

  1. Hello everyone,
    I develop the grammar and spell checking proofreader used on The technology behind this feature is called After the Deadline. One of my major projects is making this technology work with more languages.

    It makes no sense to provide spell checking for a language with an interface in English :) As such, I've made the WordPress plugin ready for localization and we've created a GlotPress project at:

    I have Bulgarian, Dutch, Finnish, French, German, Indonesian, Italian, Japanese, Polish, Portuguese, Russian, and Spanish projects there now. If you know these languages and would like to translate your help would be greatly appreciated. I'm told that the plugin doesn't have many strings, so it'd take one person 2 hours to translate all of them.

    You can translate strings at

    If there is another language you'd like to translate for, let me know and I'll add it as a language. If you'd like to volunteer to validate a translation set, let me know--I'd love to have your help. You can contact me raffi at automattic dot com.

    Thank you again for your help.

    -- Raphael

    The blog I need help with is

  2. Hello rsmudge, I noticed your thread so I put the thread in the sticky post section so your thread doesn't get buried.

  3. Thanks t3ck.

  4. Hello rsmudge,
    Could you add Bosnian language to the list? I would like to help.

  5. One thing I don't understand: is this translation for ATD plugin used on, plugin or both (meaning that same plugin is used for both). If it is for, will translated files be included in plugin (like directory /translations) without need to translators send you those files?

  6. Your welcome rsmudge, = )

  7. @miladin Great question. These strings are for both and it is my intention to include the translated files with the plugin.

  8. If Persian can be added, I'm a volunteer for it.

  9. Persian is added:

    Please use new threads to request languages or validator access. Makes it easier to tag said threads. Thanks.

  10. @rsmudge: a question: will the plugin's readme.txt and possibly some admin screen list a link to the AtD GlotPress project to encourage translations?

  11. @rsmudge:

    Please, add Polytonic Greek (el-po). I will translate immediately.

    I am also available for any other help on spell, style and grammar checking for polytonic Greek.

    Please, feel free to ask and let me know.

  12. Polytonic Greek is added: (you were added as a validator)

    Please use new threads to request languages or validator access. Makes it easier to tag said threads. Thanks.

  13. Can you please add Hindi (hi-IN)

  14. Hindi is added: (you were added as a validator)

    Please use new threads to request languages or validator access. Makes it easier to tag said threads. Thanks.

  15. @vanillalounge that sounds like a good idea, I'll create a ticket to do those things.

  16. I would like to be a volunteer, just when you add Arabic ;)

  17. thanks so much!

  18. I never received an answer for being a tester for the French version, but I took the time to translate all the texts of the plugin on GlotPress

    I am both developer and writer, so I think I'm qualified :)

    But I am surprised not to have found in the list of texts to translate all the texts of the explanations (when you click on "Explain" and you obtain precise information on the type of fault)

  19. And I'm OK to keep the French translations up to date.

  20. @cyrilletuzi purpose of the translations is we're getting ready to deploy a multi-lingual AtD. We're using LanguageTool for grammar checking in some languages and offering AtD's contextual spell checking. The grammar explanations in LanguageTool are written in the language that is being checked.

  21. iam clueless what you are speaking about ?

    iam a naive blogger . can you explain this to me clearly in plain language .

    dont think otherwise .

    thank you .


  22. I see that the translated strings are all in yellow. does this mean they are not approved yet?

  23. That's right

  24. What about Tamil?? official language in Sri Lanka, Singapore and in South Indian state Tamil Nadu :)

  25. I just started translating the plugin into German.

  26. Oh, and as I just read above: I'd like to request validator access for the german language. :)

    Thanks in advance.

    ps. Actually I'd love to get involved in improving AtD's german proofreading in general, but doesn't know yet how to to do that.

  27. @mayooresan: is up and running. You are a validator ;) Thanks

  28. @alphawolf: added you as validator for de.

  29. Thanks vanillalounge! Works like a charm.

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