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call me a hater if you want... but "freshly pressed"

  1. @momfog and @websoongi
    I'm glad providing the link to Blogs of the Day was useful for you two. You're welcome. :)

  2. I stopped looking a FP the day I saw a post featured that was entitled 'Why I love my blog'. Once I'd deleted all the Zs that I'd accidently head-typed by falling asleep whilst reading, I realised that it was not the author's fault. It was probably just meant to be a post shared by her close readership, not several million bloggers. The FP team must have had a fire practice and had to pick something quickly...

  3. @tltcl hope I stop laughing enough to be able to say something reasonable.

    I think we should all go easy on the FP team and the chosen FP'd - it makes for good graphics on the Home Page, gives some people hope, or dread, and it is not a job I would like to be doing - like being the "astrologer" doing the stars for a daily publication, and that's before the fire drill. What I love about FP is the bandwagon of comments which rolls into town!

  4. brianjamesfreeman

    Yeah, I suspect the FP team has a much harder job than most people realize. TONS of material to dig through and yet it has to be tough to find new and different things -- there are only so many topics out there -- so they probably stick to topics that people seem most interested in, which I think is understandable.

  5. Given the number of posts written on a daily basis it probably goes more on title and graphics than anything else. The don't have the time to read anything much. Most of the Blogs I like don't have pictures, just great content, so I don't expect to see them there

  6. I, too, was unaware of Blogs of the Day. I'll be checking that one out again. I like searching for recent stuff by tags. I found my very favorite blog that way.

    I have been puzzled more than a few times by what I've seen in FP, but do I still WANT to be FP? You bet your bippy!

  7. Interesting mix for blogs of the day and other variants.

    Thx, for the link timethief. :)

    Actually I don't think it's that difficult to choose well-written (Emphasis here, when some of the stuff was useless written fluff where I learned...nothing new.) Freshly Press featured blog post.

    Sorry, I am abit critical here, because I've had jobs where a requirement as a service to our clients I skimmed and selected from 20-25 new journal articles and news releases from 20-30 sources daily for 20 - 30 mins.

    Then I created the links and blasted out the online newsletter to our clients.

    It's NOT that hard: a person (and I am certain a professionally trained and experienced journalist with significant editorial experience would agree with me), develops a fast skill and eye to zone in on:

    Ccaptivating titles, opening paragraph, strong central message and captivating, relevant photos. Plus of course, well written blog posts. Well written blog posts means readers don't stumble over knarly syntax or sentences that are too long. (My weakness).

  8. Sorry for all the typos and errors. Too bad I can't return to correct them.

  9. @maidiebike
    re: blogs of the day
    You're welcome. :)

    re: typos
    Are you kidding? Since the head injury I became the reigning Queen of Typos. lol :D

  10. And she spits wood.

  11. And was purported raised by survivalist patents. ;)

  12. I think I'm going to read all the timethief comments. I'm glad you're a real person, and not a computer. Through your advice I found blogs of the day, and I learned what fresh-pressed is looking for. I have a feeling they will be picking me soon, I will become one of the top hundred blogs, and my blogs popularity will skyrocket into the stratosphere. My "Slice of Life" features, and "Simple Observations," are rated G, deal with everyday occurrences, have cool pictures, a cool title, have been run through word check, and.....uuh...Sorry everyone for inserting a shamless plug into this important conversation. I'll head over to the Forum Showcase now. Thanks everyone for all your help.

  13. asdfkjhasjkdfh1902387123987

    Look, if the Freshly Pressed job is a hard job, I have a simple solution.

    Put my blog up on the front page. To be specific, put my 10 Things I Hate About the iPhone post there. :D

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