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Call me gauche...or lazy... re: The Pioneer Woman

  1. I'm no theme person. I re-evaluate themes about once every four years.

    Justpi is the best theme person in the forum. His advice is always good. You've selected several different themes with very different options. If you want a big slider in the header, you dont' want Koi; it won't do that. Nor will most of the others.

    You might want to update that thread with a link to this thread. But remember, you can always register a different blog, make it private, and play with themes all you want.

  2. Thanks, raincoaster.

    Regarding your last point: once I've paid for a Premium theme, I'm committed. So I'm slowly narrowing it down...but I am definitely going to need some solid input over the next few days. I'm a starving writer, but I'd be willing to trade a Starbucks card for someone's knowledge when it comes down the Top Three. : )

  3. You just have to play's just reality schmadrian with a new software platform.

    Make your blog private first It is several hours, if not a few days of investment in time (later) at the beginning.

    You might have to switch to another theme, which one can do in WordPress. But if you have a ton of content, it is a slight headache. So better to experiment with themes.

  4. How much value on that Starbucks card?

    And btw, don't even LOOK at themes that aren't on your dashboard under Appearance. You can't add an external theme to a blog.

    My best advice is to review the themes from Newest to oldest. The newer ones have the jazzy slideshow headers, etc that you like.

  5. raincoaster:

    Well,as I say, I'm a starving writer, so $20. : )

    The three I'm (seemingly) narrowed it down to all all available under Appearance.

    maidiebike: But once I've purchased a Premium theme, I can't just trade it in on another, right? Although I could take your advice and use Fresh and Clean for a day, mock up the Home page and various others just so get a better idea, one way or the other?

    Thanks muchly to you both. Can't tell you how much I appreciate the time you've taken to respond.

  6. Oh; I have a friend/contemporary who, having a fair understanding of what I'm trying to accomplish, has offered this:

    "Your chosen template should be capable of the following: Responsive Layout,
    swift AJAX enhancement Items on the Homepage, support for both Images, Slideshow & Embedded Videos, multiple Post Formats (Audio, Video, Standard, Image)
    and more..."


  7. I think it's time to take a look at the themes you've narrowed it down to and see if those points apply.

    Buying a premium theme applies only to the purchase of that one theme for one blog.

  8. "Buying a premium theme applies only to the purchase of that one theme for one blog."

    Right. So I'd better be sure; no 'tradesies' allowed.

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