"Call to Action" button for features in Dyad theme

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    I am curious if there is an existing style to add a button-looking text in a featured post like there is in the Edin theme? (https://wordpress.com/themes/edin/) I would be happy with over writing the style for any and all , actually. How would I do that?

    I tried throwing in a DIV with the style from the “Read More” and it showed up looking right on the post, but not in the featured area.

    I’m in the processor migrating a blog of a family member from self-hosted to fully hosted here at wordpress.com so I am still getting oriented. I used to know but am seriously rusty on CSS/HTML/PHP, how to write child themes, etc. But I am totally new to doing it through the customizer/one custom CSS pane.

    Any tips? Some CSS I could use to maybe override the for that area or create a special style that would work in that area?


    The blog I need help with is robinrcutler.com.



    Doh. forgot to backtick the<a> tags. I would be okay with overwriting the <a> style.

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