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Call-to-action button needed

  1. Hello,

    As part of the static home-page featured image, I would love to have a call-to-action button, saying 'VIEW' so that clicking on it would take the viewer directly to the page where all the pictures are.
    Right now I am using Blissful Blog and it doesn't have a call-to-action button. Viewers cannot even click on the featured image as it is not clickable - cannot hyperlink it to the pictures page. A call-to-action button would solve this immediately. I even tried downloading Magic-Action-Box plugin ( as it is recommended heavily for this - but it seems I need to know how to code. Sadly, I don't. Hence, the maddening state of affairs! Please help!


    The blog I need help with is

  2. You can't use plugins on a blog, so save time by not researching them.

    If I'm understanding you right, you want a button or link that takes people directly to all the photographs on your blog. As long as they're in posts that have the appropriate tag or category, eg "Photos" then use a custom menu

  3. Many thanks raincoaster. I could have used your advice had it been a post with tags... but the pictures are in a static-page (basically each project we complete will be uploaded to its own page - you can navigate by going to Projects > Helping Hands> SNDMA from the top menu to see what I mean) and I cannot seem to use the custom menu to tag or categorise pages - it's made for dynamic posts as far as I can understand. Is that not the case?

  4. Well, every static page will show up in your tabbed header, which will make for a VERY crowded header over time. I strongly suggest you use Posts instead, but if you don't, you could make all the photo pages sub-pages of a master Photos page and hide them in the header. The Photos page would then be your link.

  5. Thanks raincoaster. Using your last advice, why can't I do that now anyway, since the photo page (SNDMA) is already a sub-sub-page (>Helping Hand>Projects) and hidden in the header? How can I link the home-page featured image to SNDMA?

  6. When you insert an image, you are given a few options in the "Link to" field

    What you are looking for is the Custom URL. Copy the URL of the page on your site that you want to link the image to and paste it in there. Update your changes.

  7. That works on regular images, but can you use it on Featured Images?

  8. Thanks justjennifer, but as raincoaster has correctly pointed out, it works on regular images, but not on Featured images...


  9. @marketmama - You don't seem to be using Blissful blog's slider on your static front page, so don't use a featured image.

    Pick the full width Page template and simply insert the image and link it to wherever you need it to go.

  10. thanks justjennifer - you are a star! it was quite simple!! Many thanks!! :)

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