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Calling for a boycott of a blogger

  1. I'm all for being unique but I find it repugnant and disgusting and vile when a place that is supposedly on the side of the open mind kicks a cop out of their coffee shop for doing nothing and then having the audacity to say that it is a police officer's duty to harass citizens and cause problems for people.

    I would like to personally call for a boycott on red and black cafe in Portland Oregon.
    If Ignorance was a crime these guys would be running from the law.
    Oh and by the way, let's hope you never get robbed and need the beat officer you kick out of your shop.
    Then you might think twice about your lame actions and absolutely idiotic statements on local TV.
    I notice how since this aired on tv their comments have been shut off. Cowards!

    The blog I need help with is

  2. I'm really saddened that no one has commented on this in 3 hours time

  3. I would like to say more but I'm not sure I understand what you are referring to. Mind to elaborate?

  4. hibiscus go to my blog and you'll see.
    It's about this little socialist hotspot full of arrogant hippies and militants that the manager ejected a police officer and told him he made the patrons uncomfortable.
    Then when the local news company came to interview him he said it's the police officer's job to harass homeless poeple and kill innocent people and intimidate and we have a policy of acceptance at our place.
    They happen to have a website that incorporates wordpress blogging. That's why I brought it up in here. My post has a link to the video of the local NBC affiliate interviewing the police officer.

  5. Here's an idea. Don't like it, don't read it. Problem solved.

  6. @lookitsbray
    I'm with you. For example I ignore every Obama bashing, racist, loud mouthed, low IQ teagbagger site that's still ragging on and on about an election that's over. The other sites I avoid like the plague are the Christian fundamentalist bible pounder sites. Do they have a right to blab on and on of course they do and we have the right to shun them.

    Oh as for labels like socialist and arrogant hippies ... well, up here in Canada we laugh in the faces who use such labeling. Who but an American would forget that their country became a socialist republic in the 1930's under the New Deal?

  7. pornstarbabylon

    Well what did the police officer do? Or does the owner just hate police officers? There must be some reason. And you seem to think every police officer is such a great person. In many cases, they're worse than the mob. At least with the mob we know they're dangerous while police officer put on their fake smiles. How many police officers are rapists, pedophiles, murderers and get away with it just because they're police officers? Many are criminals with a badge.

  8. And now we have to provide emotional support right?
    *rolls eyes

  9. I wasn't on the scene and I did not witness the said events. I also lack any knowledge of the law as ir relates to the jurisdiction in question.

    One would think that any business person has the right to ask the donut muching coffee suckers with badges that camp out in their premises and make their patrons uncomfortable, and also deter other customers from entering the premises would have the right to say "please move along" but maybe they don't in the said jurisdiction.

    Also as pornstarbabylon points out one would have to be exceeding naive to believe that all police officers are "good guys and gals". In which jurisdiction is it that taxpayers are paying for their police recruits and officers to meet the muster of rigorous psychological assessment and reassessment on an annual basis?

  10. shesboxingclever

    Well, since I don't read the site/blog, I guess I'm already doing my part huh? However, I'm tempted to go read it, since I tend to think they have a right to usher ANYONE who's a hindrance to their right to do business out the door, be it a cop, doctor, priest, whatever. What if it was a pretty pleasant librarian, who suddenly stripped her clothes off and did the funky chicken on the floor, that was making the patrons uncomfortable? Would the cafe owners not have the right to ask her to leave?

  11. Time thief not all fundamentalists are ignorant nor hatemongerers. I'm a bit surprised by your comments. You left a pleasant comment on my blog when I asked for your opinions. To read your comments one would think that every Christian is a hate mongering rabid fascist who wants to take over the world.

    As for America being a socialist nation, since when does the political leaning of a President speak for the nation?
    America has never been a communist nor socialist nation however Obama is doing a wonderful job of trying to turn us into one.

    As far as donut eating annoying cops making people feel uncomfortable, he was walking out the door after getting his coffee when the manager came up and embarassed the poor guy.

    Yes there are bad cops out there but there are far more good ones than bad ones, and I like they would give my life to protect you, and your right to express your feelings.

    Hopefully you will never be put in a situation that requires protection, but if you ever are, I hope you have a little different attitude in the future.

    I have stood up for you on your postings regarding and reblogging and I'm a little shocked at your callous, extremely biased comments on this thread. I must say that I am also disapointed in your point of view.

    As I say to those here in America that have similar opinions to yours, the difference between them and myself is they say nasty terrible evil things about poeple such as myself but I would give my life in honor of protecting your right to speak your mind. How many times have you risked your life for anything or anyone?

  12. shesboxingclever

    As for America being a socialist nation, since when does the political leaning of a President speak for the nation?

    Ummm....since said nation voted for said President?

    I'm disappointed to see the topic become "Judge TimeThief for Her Varying Views".

  13. By the way timethief, any time you would like to have a public debate with this "ignorant" "Low IQ" Christian to discuss our IQ levels and I would gladly rise to the challenge.

    The other difference between people like myself and you is that I was merely discussing the ignorant policies of this young man and his cafe.
    Those who have militantly attacked me, I have digressed to the same level as them. I find it humerous when Christians stand up for something they don't like poeple like you insult us, throwing ad hominym attacks at us personally. Yet when your side stands up against something we do or stand for you throw every insult in the book at us.
    No one asked for emotional support of police officers.
    Simply the same respect that everyone else asks for and deserves.

    Not to mention the fact that it is an extremely bad business decision.

    Other than that I did not insult their person. I merely called for a boycott of their website due to the fact that it is here on wordpress.

    Obama and other liberals called for a boycott on Glenn Beck. Did I call them ignorant or fascist? Don't think so.

    I am really saddned by your insulting my character after I have stood up for you on numerous occasions in your blog and other places. I am really disapointed by your true colors coming out in this thread.

    And as far as your comments lookitsbray..... Duh what do you think I'm calling for in a boycott, avoiding their site Duh. I was speaking about the television interview with the manager not even their website. I just happened to mention blogging their website because it is a fellow wordpress blog.

    Pornstar if you would go to my blog I have a link to the original video from the local NBC affiliate.

  14. @1personofdifference
    If you need emotional support, the wordpress forum is not the place for it. I mean, why would you call to boycott a blogger to random people who have nothing to do with it (nor know or wish to know the situation). This is between you and the blogger you wish to boycott, you sort it out personally. If you need emotional support, call a shrink. You put your feud on a public forum and others give their honest opinion about it. Yet you go around calling them nasty names. Maybe you should watch some Jersey Shore (it's on MTV) cus it seems like you're bored.

  15. Wouldn't it be cool if you could have a free website where you could post your thoughts on socialist hippie coffee joints and talk ONLY to people who agreed with you? Wouldn't that be awesome?

    I wonder what such a site would be called...

  16. shesboxingclever


  17. Without

  18. Shesboxingclever' I didn't turn anything into a personal attack on timethief, I was responding to her personal attack on me and this is still a world where we can speak our mind.

    Why is it people can sling insults freely and express their opinion against a certain segment but when that segment stands up for itself you gang up on them? Who is truly the ignorant beligerant?

    Raincoaster - um that would probably be called boring? I thought the whole idea behind forums was to express your opinion.

    Take for instance - Timethief has been standing up against the re-blog feature.
    Out of how many bloggers does have? and she and a hand full are speaking out against reblogging and most don't know and don't care????????????

    Isn't that kind of similar to what I'm doing?
    The difference between her and others and myself is I chose to stand up for timethief in her issues and when someone insulted her for being mentally deficient I expressed sorrow that someone would sling mud at her. I stood up for her and made several comments on the blog of the person that is in ultimate control of word press.
    Yet when I express my Christian beliefs in a supposedly free and open forum she calls me ignorant and maligns my country.

    Also the blog that I called the boycott on is a wordpress blog. This would very much make it a blog of interest to other wordpress bloggers.

  19. Starsquid, why is it every time someone stands up for something they believe in on a conservative basis people like you and timethief feel the need to throw ad hominym attacks at people you don't even know rather than having a serious discussion on the issue???????????????????????

    Emotional support. I would dare to say that I am far more emotionally, mentally and spiritually stable than most in here. Oh what's that you say? How dare I make an insulting comment against someone I don't even know?

    Exactly! I don't like it either.

  20. shesboxingclever

    1. I didn't vote for Obama and millions of others didn't vote for Obama.
    2. The majority of America did not vote for Obama.
    3. States with large Electoral College votes voted for Obama, one of many reasons which it should be abolished and should go entirely vote of the people like it used to be.
    4. Like no other time in history, and far worse than the hanging chad issue (believe me I'm no fan of George Bush Sr. or Jr) there was mass corruption in the last election. Over 13,000 people who had died voted for obama, over 36,000 Mickey Mouses voted for Obama.
    5. The majority of Americans did not know that Obama was a Socialist with Communist leanings. (Please don't insult your own intelligence and come back with a comment about socialism and communism being the same)
    6. Obama has suffered from the biggest drop of confidence vote and poll sittings in his first year of presidency than any other President in the 236 year history of our nation.
    7. Many people that voted for Obama both black and white, have stated that if they'd known what he was about before the election they would never have voted for him
    8. Obama and others know this, why do you think they are trying to controversially reverse the citizenship laws that have stood for over 200 years and make illegal immigrants with full citizen, monetary, and voting rights? They want to have several million people beholden to them to vote for them.

    Care to retract your comment about America voting for Obama, therefore we're socialists?

  21. star squid
    who is the one doing the nasty name calling?

    I called for a boycott against people that were intentionally rude and arrogant, I express my opinion which is what the public forum is for.

    If you look at the forum posts here Time thief is the one who insulted me by calling me ignorant.
    I have yet to insult time thief or anyone else.
    You however have done nothing but insult me!

    Has anyone insulted Time thief for her extremely numerous complaints in numerous posts and threads about re-blogging?
    Star Squid rather than insult me, why don't you go back to your video games and have your mommy wipe your toushie and change your didee.

    Oh don't like people that don't know you assuming things about you and making rude comments about you?

    Join the crowd.

  22. You've freely expressed your opinion, so I suggest you get used to getting these kinds of reactions unless you confine your comments to places where only people who agree with you already will read it.

    Dish it out, take it. That's how this works.

  23. @1personofdifference

    I find you post to be intellectually dishonest. The only way "the majority of Americans did not vote for Obama" is true is if you count people who did not vote as having not voted for Obama.

    To call Obama a socialist is like screaming to the entire world that you have absolutely no idea what socialism is.

    To use poll numbers (btw can I see a source for the claim you made about Obama having the biggest drop in confidence) tell nothing. There are many people that voted for Obama because they thought he was a liberal not a centrist.

  24. shesboxingclever


    Care to retract your comment about America voting for Obama, therefore we're socialists?

    No, not really.

    I didn't mention anything about an "attack" on any person. My comment was in regards to words you wrote about being disappointed by TimeThief's varying opinions. I commented on your apparent dismay that although she had agreed with you in the past, you were horrified that she did not agree on this point. You say

    and this is still a world where we can speak our mind.
    and yet you have a bird when Timethief does exactly that. Double standard? I think so.

    I have had many disagreements. There are things that TimeThief and Raincoaster for that matter, and I do not agree on. The difference between you and I is that I understand that the world will not always agree with me. The world will have its opinion, whether it hurts me or not is my own issue. Opinions were stated and you took them personally. I'm sure those opinions would be directed at anyone who fit them, if they put themselves in the same position.
    You have so many issues to deal with here, quite frankly it's exhausting, considering that you are entirely missing the base point. We don't HAVE to agree with you. We are entitled to feel exactly how we wish to feel on any given topic. You put it out there, and received honest answers, you may not have liked them, but they were honest (man, that sounds familiar, have I said that line before?) If you don't want differing opinions, may I suggest that you only surround yourself with people who agree with you.

    The fact that this is about a wordpress blog is moot. There are blogs on here about horses, not important to me. There are blogs about turtles, not important to me. There are blogs on here about video games, not important to me. Get my point?

    How 'bout Raincoaster's point, which flew right over your head and was lost on you completely

    Wouldn't it be cool if you could have a free website where you could post your thoughts on socialist hippie coffee joints and talk ONLY to people who agreed with you? Wouldn't that be awesome?

    I wonder what such a site would be called...

    That would not be called would be called "WordPress", she was implying that you use your own blog, which is fully within your right, to find ONLY the people who would agree with you.

    You are bordering on the ridiculous, as all you keep complaining about is opinions that don't fit your own, however, you're a walking contradiction, since your argument is based on the fact that we all are entitled to our opinions.

    Again, I say, Double Standard? I think so.

    I'll quote Raincoaster one more time

    Dish it out, take it. That's how this works

  25. 1personofdifference

    Shesboxingclever' I didn't turn anything into a personal attack on timethief, I was responding to her personal attack on me and this is still a world where we can speak our mind.

    You are among the most intellectually dishonest bloggers I have had the displeasure of meeting on the internet. I did not personally attack you because a personal attack requires a named identifiable target and I used no names. I described the subject matter and nature blogs and websites that I will not patronize.

    I had no idea at all that you were and are among the least credible people in North America today.Remarkably you chose to self identify with the Obama bashing, racist, loud mouthed, low IQ teagbaggers, who can be found spewing HATRED on Christian fundamentalist bible pounder sites and on republican political sites.

    Sadly, you have proved my point. There is no deep expression of abiding Christian faith evidenced by those who conveniently ignore the 57 love one another commandments (by their LOVE you shall be known) and choosing to spew hatred over an election that's over. Those who do not quench the work of the indwelling by the Holy Spirit do not manifest hatred and refer to it as 'freedom of speech". Jesus made it clear that such behavior is manifest only by hypocrites and frauds.

  26. Thumbs up for TT keeping her cool :)

  27. shesboxingclever

    @ TimeThief. Brilliantly said. I hope your point of "If the shoe fits..." doesn't fly clear over 1person's head.

  28. Thanks, TT, shesboxingclever and raincoaster, for keeping it real.

    Would I be harangued for being an America liberal, progressive, anti-Constitutionist, hater of free speech if I suggested that a moderator close this thread? Seems like folks have had a chance to speak their piece...

    ...and there are plenty of blogs where this kind of exchange goes on all day, every day. Just a quiet suggestion.

  29. @1personofdifference
    Well aren't you an UGLY TROLL. Talk about showing your real color huh. You have so many issues, this is actually hilarious. And you had to split your comment in two parts cus ofcourse you were too busy trolling at other people. Smell the coffee dude, your insults don't make you any more popular. You called for boycotting someone who none of us have anything to do with (we've got other shit to mind than your whiny boycotting, puliez gimme a break). And if Timethief called you ignorant, that probably because (*drumroll please)...YOU ARE! (shocking huh)

    "I have yet to insult time thief or anyone else."
    - Obvious TROLL

    "Star Squid rather than insult me, why don't you go back to your video games and have your mommy wipe your toushie and change your didee."
    - I will do that. Now why don't you lay off the donuts and drop a few? Sex also helps shedding a couple pound, but you wouldn't know that huh.

    "Oh don't like people that don't know you assuming things about you and making rude comments about you?"

  30. @shesboxingclever
    Yea you tell him girl!!

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