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Callout boxes and Slide show

  1. Hi
    Just a couple of questions:
    (1) How do I create 3 or 4 callout boxes on the front page of a theme? Does the theme have to have allowances for this feature, such as the hero theme?
    (2) If I can only create a call out box in themes such as Hero, I am struggling to make sense of this, especially with regards to input of a thumbnail photo.
    (3) Can I create a slide show (preferably with thumbnails) in the front page header region?
    Many thanks

    The blog I need help with is

  2. What is a call out box?

  3. On the "Hero" theme
    The "Callout boxes" are the three little boxes under the header image, that are linked to different page. The box usually consists of Title name, a image, brief description and "Click here" button.

  4. 1) yes, callout boxes only exist in themes that have that ability built in.

    2) okay.

    3) in themes that have this option, yes.

  5. Can you give me a brief low down on how to create a call out box in themes such as Hero, especially with a photo?

  6. I can't, because i don't use them, but they should be available under Theme Options, or also you can find instructions on configuring that theme on the related tag in the theme forum.

  7. Many thanks, will do.

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