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can´t add url to text widget

  1. filminginargentina

    I need help adding a URL to my text widget. What is the html code I need? if someone can post an example using the website


    The blog I need help with is

  2. <a href="URL HERE">text here</a>

    just replace 'url here' and 'text here'. :)

  3. filminginargentina

    Hi Sulz, I tried that and it didn´t work.
    local films services.

    and I tried:
    local films services.

    what I get is that I can see the text but the URL is not visible at all. In the text widget, do you have to turn on HTML (I don´t see any option for that)

  4. filminginargentina

    oh, i just figured it out, thanks!

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