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can´t I change the width of my header with css?

  1. hello,

    I change the width of my header theme (ambiru) using this

    #header {

    then I should be able to upload pictures of that width to my blog, shouldn´t I?

    but when I try, the "crop" option appears and it continues being the original theme width sice (which is 500 px)

    can´t I change it?

    thanks a lot

    The blog I need help with is

  2. I doubt you can change that.

    However solution is to simply not upload and header via the standard header system, but instead insert the image directly via the CSS.

    Something like the following would probably work:

    #header {<br /> width:700px;<br /> height:120px;<br /> background:url(;<br /> }

    Note that you will also probably need to specify a height like I did in the example above.

  3. Blargh, excuse the poor grammar. I'd edit my post to fix them but I can't find an edit link to do that.

  4. 3delamadrugada

    dear ryanhellyer,

    I love the imagination solutions... your suggestion works so great. don´t worry about the grammar. I have had to resize some other things, but with this trick I´ve been able to resize my header and so do something like adding a second colum to a theme that doesn´t alow a second colum.

    thank you very much for the idea!!
    and so for the code!!!!

  5. Glad to be of help :)

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