Can a business truly succeed using WordPress Business?

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    I wish to transition my business to WordPress. I’m not convinced that this is a good idea, and would like to view successful wordpress business sites that are successful in increasing sales. I would appreciate some input from websites that utilize this feature by sharing links with me, stuff like that. Help me to help my business take it to the next level solely using WordPress.

    Thank you

    The blog I need help with is



    WordPress.COM is not a good idea for ecommerce. In fact, if you yourself do not create the items you sell, selling on is against the terms of service.

    What is your business? Then we can tell you if is a good idea for it.



    Oh, and also what level are you at, and what is “the next level” to you?


    Hey there, thanks for replying. We do own and create the intellectual property associated to our business. Our concerns is to lower our overhead costs while still being able to promote our brand names. We realize we need a new look and website that’s easy to use for our staff to integrate themselves to in order to help co-manage it, WordPress seems to offer that ‘ease of use,’ and we want to both save on web management costs while increasing sales. Can you email me at (email redacted) I prefer to share our site with you there if you’re interested in seeing our current model website. The next level is to take our organizational structure and put it online, make the management of those have this WordPress, ‘ease of use’ functionality for our staff, but also continue to attract sales, donations and social media communication with our clients and partners.



    As I said in my reply to your comment on my blog, if you are requesting personal assistance via email, that will cost you my normal consulting rate.

    If you want help for free, post in the forum. And answer my questions with greater specificity: I still do not know what business you are in, what products you produce, what level your business is at, and what level you wish WP’s help to get to.


    Umm, consulting fee? Doesn’t anyone just help out others anymore, I’m looking for help in this forum not to pay someone to help me, I just don’t want to share the website here that’s all. Sorry, but I don’t think you can help me. If anyone has suggestions on how to make a wordpress business site work to increase sales and promtion of unique brands I would appreciate it, consultation fee exempt though, lol. Thanks.


    “raincoaster says: May 1, 2013 at 6:37 am
    Did you read the comments here? In the forum, I answer questions for free. If you request personal assistance via email, that goes at my normal consulting rate of $200 per hour. If you’re still interested, reply.”

    You sir are not worth $200.00 per hour. My family are Steelworkers and they admit only certified Crane Operators earn wages like that. You’d might as well get off WordPress and open business where such expertise could be put to better use right?



    Welcome to the world of web consulting, where people not uncommonly make more than certified crane operators.

    If you want free advice, post in the forum. If you insist on personal attention via email, then you are hiring a consultant, and can expect to pay consultant rates. I have answered over 60,000 questions for free in the forum, but I’m not going to answer any of yours from now on.


    I can understand that, but the very suggestion that you would impose a $200/hour rate just to help transition is unreal outside of this forum. If anything you’re probably in violation for presumably preying on WordPress members here with your superior veneer in the use of text and images. Doesn’t take a genius to figure out predator activity, too bad you’re doing something similar on the backs of a great site like WordPress. Thanks for revealing to me how important to you are, but I highly doubt you have what it takes to assist at that rate, even if it is only to consult with you off the forums.



    I don’t impose that. As I’ve said repeatedly (I will say it slower, so you can keep up) I answer questions for free in the forum. If you demand personal attention via email, I charge for that. In order for anyone to answer your questions in the forum about whether or not is appropriate for your business, yes, you will have to tell them about your business. How is this difficult to understand.

    In any case, good luck finding answers without giving out the information I asked for. There are no psychic volunteers.

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