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Can a cold kill you?

  1. I have a wicked, wicked cold and I think I'm dying. I'm stuffed up to hog heaven. (The cold, apparently, is bringing out my southern roots. I don't think I've ever used the expression "hog heaven" before this very moment. Strange.)

    Out of nowhere, I was hit by a cold on Friday night. It was like on cue. I was having a romantic dinner that we had to wrap up early because I had turned into a sneezing machine.

    I'm now hopped up on all kinds of cold medicine. Nyquil, Dayquil, etc. It doesn't seem to be making a dent. And tomorrow is, of course, Monday. I feel like a wimp calling in sick with a cold.

    I'm just really a giant, whining baby right now. I thank you for letting me vent.

    Seriously, though, can a cold kill you? I've never had a cold that Nyquil didn't make, at least, a little better.

    The blog I need help with is

  2. Call in sick and use Nyquil/Dayquil and DO NOT supplement it with Contac C because if you do you will hallucinate. Uh, not that I've been there.

  3. Man up, it's a case of the sniffles :P

    What you wanna do is get some of that Vicks vapour rub or the American equivalent if you don't get it over there, put some in a big bowl of boiling hot water, put your head over the bowl, cover you and the bowl with a big towel, boom.

  4. @Raincoaster most helpful, thx! I've started to get pretty loopy, even without Contac C, so I'll proceed cautiously.

    Then again, loopy can be fun slash entertaining, can't it?

  5. @ardpete I am so going to do this! It sounds perfect, we do have Vapors Rub but it's widely disregarded as an Old Wives Tale. At least in my household it is. I don't care, it does make me feel better so thx for the suggestion!

    But I'm not manning up, totally calling in sick tomorrow.;) I intend to be in a vapor-induced coma by then

  6. Vapour rub always helped me, it just clears the nose and whatnot. And sweating it out over a bowl of water is a good way to rid yourself of toxins. :)

  7. I'm doing it right now, no joke!

    Or is that likely TMI?

  8. There's no such thing :D

  9. invisiblemikey

    The way a cold becomes fatal is that it weakens the immune system enough so that other, more serious, opportunistic infections gain a foothold. Usually it's pneumonia, and the way you die from it is waiting too long to go to a doctor. All these things are treatable even when not curable, but often you need an rx. OTC drugs will not cut it.

    Hope you are feeling better soon, Patty.

  10. Mix whiskey with peppermint and honey, and do a shot of it. That should clear your sinuses relatively well. And get plenty of gatorade/water/juice and rest.

  11. Hot baths also help, because they raise your body temperature and an elevated temperature kills off the bug. That's why we get a fever.

  12. Pyrexia, we call that.

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