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Can a Guided Transfer be used to MERGE blogs? Does it work w/ MultiSite?

  1. Can a Guided Transfer be used to merge a blog that exists on INTO a blog that already exists in a self-installed, WordPress site? That is, two existing blogs (one on and the other a self-installed blog) become one, self-installed blog via a Guided Transfer?

    And, as a separate question, can a guided transfer be used to transfer a blog into a new blog that exists within WordPress MultiSite?

    The blog I need help with is

  2. Hi there,

    At some point in the future, those might be possibilities. At the presnt time, however, both of those scenarios are currently not a good fit for Guided Transfer.

    Guided Transfer is designed to move a site over to a single self-hosted WordPress instance with the goal being as close as possible to the way the site is currently at

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