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    I am very new and I am trying to figure out if when I create a post it can also appear under my a page as well. Ex. if I post a recipe can it also appear under my bulletproof section as a new entry? Thanks still trying to figure this stuff out…ty

    The blog I need help with is


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    No, you cannot post to a page. You can use your “bulletproof” page to link to the post, or even multiple posts.

    First, though, I really recommend that you work through this tutorial to get acquainted with this platform:

    Now, to your question.
    Here is an excellent article about why you cannot post to a page:
    (be sure to read the preliminary links Panos provides:
    post categories
    post vs page )
    The article links to how to make a custom menu. Read that, and there is also a support article about custom menus:

    I hope all these links don’t overwhelm you—we were all beginners once, and because has so many options and possibilities it may seem daunting. Just go one step at a time…

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