Can a widget be put on a page?

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    Is there any way to put a widget on a page, rather than having it in the sidebar? My extensive, nested categories make a good table of contents for my blog, but I’d prefer to have the widget on a page instead of in the sidebar. It’s really too lengthy to put in the sidebar, and in some themes is too wide, since it expands to fit the widest entry.

    The blog I need help with is


    It might be possible to do it with CSS. MIGHT I say since I’ve never tried it.

    What you can do though is to view source on your blog, find the code in the categories widget, copy all of it out and then paste it into the HTML tab on the page editor. That will give you the list, but you will have to update it manually if you add categories.

    There are some themes here that have “archive” page templates that will display not only the normal month/year listings, but also a listing of categories.



    If you use the visual editor:

    You can probably simply put your cursor on top of the widget, hold down the SELECT key and scroll down till you’ve copied all the links, then paste them into a page or post. You will absolutely definitely have to then click to the HTML editor and clean up the code, but you can do it.



    @thesacredpath — I don’t know enough CSS to work that out. As for the other method, I’m looking for the full widget functionality with automatic updating of categories and counts.

    @raincoaster — Do you mean just copy the contents of the widget in the sidebar and paste it into the page? That looks like what I want, even without cleaning up any code, but will it update automatically? I’m guessing no.

    Thanks for your help, both of you. Maybe I’m just out of luck without an archive page.


    Not really possible I’m afraid here at



    Yes, that is what I meant, and no, it won’t automatically update.

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