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can a wordpress blog be hosted at yahoo geocities

  1. i have yahoo geocities pro and i'd like to host my wordpress blog there.

    can anyone tell me if that is possible and the mechanism to make it work?
    also do i have to pay the $10 to upgrade to my own custom domain if i do my own hosting?

  2. No, it will not work. What you can do is use software in your own webspace and export your blog to there, but I don't think Geocities will allow it; you'll have to ask at and Geocities help for specifics.

  3. thanks for the response
    that's a shame!

  4. blogs are unique to WordPress hosting, but software has many of the same features; it's just that they have none of the support behind the scenes. While they've got a decent forum and some helpful people, you'd be responsible for all the technical stuff of your blog.

    You could presumably install software and import your blog posts to the new site; for instructions on that use the search box: I know there are at least four threads on how to do that.

  5. you can't install there either, it needs MySQL, which isn't available with the free package.

    you might be able to run flatpress, though.

  6. i don't have a free hosting package. i pay for geocities pro

    geocities pro allows phpnuke and probably also allows mysql. i'll check

    i'm confused about vs

  7. from geocities website:
    GeoCities Pro and all Yahoo! Web Hosting plans include support for advanced scripting tools. With any of these plans, you can use PHP and MySQL to develop a data-driven site, build advanced applications with Perl, and use any of our advanced add-ons (which are based on these scripting tools).

  8. I don't see a blog linked to your username; if you've got a blog running software hosted somewhere other than, it's quite possible that you can do this, but you'd need to be asking at the forums. Our software is very different here.

  9. sounds like paid geocities would meet the minimum requirements. but as raincoaster says, you need to check out the forums:

  10. The difference is is where you get the software from. is a hosting company like Geocities that uses the software.

  11. ok thanks
    so the answer is I can do it but I need to go to .org, right?
    yes i do have a blog linked to my user name. not sure why it doesn't come up LOL but it's only got 2 posts. I may have to switch to

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