can a site mirror (no ads) a .org site?

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    I am planning on moving my blog to my own domain, so that I can have greater control of theme and layout and links etc, have email opt-ins and a few other functions that are useful. I’ve read all the posts I could find on moving to .org — and read the Moving a Blog support post and the domain mapping upgrade info. I still have some questions.

    1. Do my links transfer with export / import procedure? The links are an important part of my blog and took a lot of time to create.

    2. I’ve read that if I’m planning a move, it’s useful to upgrade to domain mapping on my .com site first. But I’m hosting my domain on HostGator. I’ve just changed my domain nameservers to point to HostGator. If I upgrade and point my domain to my site instead, as it instructs, does that serve any useful purpose now? I wasn’t quite clear on the advantages listed of upgrading before moving to .org.

    3. It would be terrific if I could post to both my .org and .com sites at the same time — effectively create a mirror site (without what’s not allowed) on the .com side, to be part of this great community. Is that possible?

    Thank you for your help, .com posters!

    The blog I need help with is



    Okay, there was a drop-down menu that showed my blog link, but it doesn’t seem to appear anywhere that’s useful in my post. Here’s the blog:


    1. You have to import your links into the new blog separately, but this FAQ covers it:

    2. If you are moving soon, within a month or two, then I would not do the domain mapping here. It won’t really gain you much. You will be starting from scratch as far as the search engines go, but when I went self-hosted on one of my blogs, I was back to a page rank of 5 within three months. At the outside, blogs regain their rank typically in six months or so, but the time depends on your current page rank and how much traffic you get. The more traffic you are getting now, the longer it will take to regain your page rank.

    3. Posting to both at once can be done with some offline blog editors, but if you are duplicating posts on both blogs, that is a bad thing. When search engines see duplicate posts, they get suspicious and will actually lower the page rank of both sites. If you want to keep your blog here as a backup, and keep it set to private so the search engines don’t see it, that would work.



    Thank you sacredpath! Very helpful. I’d just read about mirroring in a few other posts and the search engine implications. I am gearing up to do a traffic push — at the moment it’s not a huge amount of traffic, so the switch probably won’t affect me a great deal. Keeping the .com one set to private seems to be the best option. Thank you again!



    Staff have requested (and in some cases insisted) that mirror sites on be set to private. They don’t help you in terms of exposure anyway, since search engines relentlessly downgrade duplicated content. It will still serve as a backup, though, as tsp points out.

    There are an enormous number of people setting up duplicate blogs, and it’s clear there must be some “social media gurus” running around giving people bad information. It’s quite a fad in real estate, for instance. It’s rarely a good idea.


    I’m a complete beginner to this thing – I have a blog – – and was wondering about downloading – I want to host the site somewhere FREE. Can anyone suggest any hosts for FREE and also tell me how to do to it.



    Since this is not a forum for self-hosted blogs, you really won’t get much information here about free hosts — other than Ask at

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