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can access my dashboard

  1. Here the situation. We have a blog Here the situation. I have a blog, for the last 500 posts every thing was fine no problem to access in my admin or login and work from the dashboard. My last post was in september. Some how yesterday I could not find my admin or login of aesthetichealingmindset nor could I login via or using like in the past the user ID.
    I can not login using aesthetichealingmindset user ID he tells me that the nothing excist I getting nuts:-() he doesn't make sense. Thank you for helping

  2. and are different URLs.

    Do you have the Custom Domain upgrade and Domain Mapping? If so, are the upgrades up to date?

  3. I am not familliare with what you are mentioning - would it help and how do I go about it?

  4. Have you tried going to the dashboard via ? That's the link for that blog. In order to use the shorter URL with that blog, you would need to have purchased that domain name and the domain mapping upgrade on your Upgrades page.

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