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Can add Adsense, Javascript to free WordPress?

  1. "@liveukulele - Did you use the instructions for statcounter found in the FAQs?"

    I have followed the instructions for installing statcounter into a text widget. Part of the script disappears, and instead of an invisible counter, a portion of code shows up on the sidebar.

  2. They give you several kinds of code; you need the plain HTML one for blogs. Lots of people grab the code for blogs instead.

  3. I'm not an expert, yoitsmylife, but there's a new WordPress blog host in town with Adsense plug-in & other 3rd party plug-ins (No javascript yet) and it's free!!! Go sign up at [a scuzzy little site set up for SEO and Spammers. It's already got a whole heap of junk in there. Nasty... - Mark]

  4. 7degreez: it clearly says no ads at the first few lines, though...

  5. modlook X2

    Holy crap, what a farking amateur. Spammers should at least presume professionalism!

  6. Actually Sulz (Sorry!) it says:

    No Ads. NodBlog is a free blog host and doesn’t force ads on your blog. We have the AdSense plugin installed, but that is for Your Own google account. This blog hosting is and will be free.

    This means that they will not force ads onto your blog. The adsense plugin is installed for the Blogger to put their own account code in.

    There are a couple of issues with it though:

    1. No webspace limit? Adsense? Can anyone say SPAMMERS welcome?
    2. WordPress 2.1 powered! <- Their words. 2.1? No exactly up to date then....
    3. "For now, we’ve set the upload filesize limit to 5," Five what? Bananas? Yep that's it, bananas. It looks like the system is being run by a bunch of monkeys...

    Off to blog this! :)

  7. 7degrees - you might want to have a look at the Terms Of Service on duplicate content on two sites.

  8. has already requested if their site is used as a backup, it be set as private.

  9. man, that is just confusing. how can they say no ads in one sentence, then say they don't force ads in the other? so it means ads is possible, as opposed to the no ads line.

  10. Yeah, effectively what they mean is that you CAN have ads. It (much like the rest of the site) is very badly worded.

  11. Hi there,

    I have purchased a blog host (Blue Host) for my WordPress blog, purchased a 1G upgrade for it, have purchased my domain, and have paid $10 for the CSS upgrade here at WordPress also. Am I allowed to put ads on my blog now? There is a group here in Maine that would like to advertise on my blog. Let me know if this is possible. If there is something I need to do on WordPress (I'm reading "plugin" a lot above) first, please let me know.

    Thank you!

  12. I think you are a little confused here. is just hosting. BlueHost is also hosting. If you have a BlueHost account then you don't have to be hosted here at So do you want to be hosted here or BlueHost? can't have ads on our blogs. BlueHost you can.


  13. Hi Trent,

    Yes, I am confused! Thanks for noticing. :-)

    I would like for my blog to be hosted on Blue Host. I've already purchased it, but I think I've done something wrong, because my current WordPress blog isn't appearing over there. My domain is pointing to my WordPress blog (I just recently did this and I don't think the pointing is complete yet, meaning,, isn't connected to my WordPress blog yet).

    Am I skipping a step or am I just plain stupid!!! LOL

  14. If you want it hosted on bluehost, then you better take a look at their FAQ on installing wordpress and then stay in that help center to get your domain onto bluehost name servers. Bluehost has nothing to do with, but everything to do with


  15. @davormeersman
    Personal comments are not welcomed on the forums.
    Paypal buttons are allowed on blogs.
    Advertising is not allowed.
    If you dislike the policy of allowing paypal donations then send your comments in a feedback to the only folks who can do something about it ie. staff. And, if you wish to debate the policy with raincoaster then please do so on her blog.

  16. I have a feeling it's just come from raincoaster's blog in order to troll her here. At any rate, it seems to have signed up purely to post in this thread. Modlooked, let's hope Mark isn't currently in transit.

  17. It didn't leave any comments on my site, although as a blogging comrade it is of course welcome to.

    Capitalism isn't, of course, Socialism, which expresses itself in acts such as at-will donations from the community for one's contributions to the community.

  18. Ahhh ... dagnabbit ... I was hoping it would scorn you openly on your blog so your blogging community could collectively educate it. ;)

  19. Bring it on. I haven't had a good flamewar in...uh...72 hours.

  20. hii... I have a blog in free account I wish to put ads in it , I have been hearing that hosting or transfering of my blog to other hoster( I have hosting accounts in bytehost and I can put ads on to my blog. Is it correct??

    One more thing when I trnsfer my blog to another server will it affect the present URL of my blog or will any way all the links and popularity i have generated in various search engines will lost?? What about my Page rank will it be demmed as "Forged" ??
    please help Im really very concered as well as confused.

  21. Please read the thread you posted in: you cannot have advertising on a free blog. Your account will be deleted. If you have a blog elsewhere, it is no problem.

    Your present blog will not be affected by the change. But, basically, you will have to start over. All your popularity and ranking will be lost, and so will your pagerank, because what you're doing is starting a new blog. The only way to get around this is to use the Domain Name upgrade and then the pagerank, etc accruing to THAT new domain name will be transferable.

  22. thanks raincoaster ...any idea how much would cost me???

  23. Try asking here http:/

  24. thanx.....

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