can add post’s to more than my main page/ more than one page?

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    on my blog i have four pages. one of them is for my poetry. i initially wanted to have a page for me blogs and a page for me poems. the entry in support says that you can’t post to pages (?). will i be able to add my poems on one page and my blogs on another? and if so, how?
    any help would be really appreciated,
    so thanx in advance!

    The blog I need help with is


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    No, pages and posts are different from each other.

    With a blog you have only one posting page. It may be called “blog” “home” or “front page”
    It is a dynamic page. That means it changes every time you add a post.

    Then with WordPress, you get some “bonus” pages, unlike with many blogging platforms where you have posts and archives of old posts. Blogger allows a “profile” page, but it’s not formated like the rest of your blog and is quite generic.
    These extra bonus pages are static pages where you can write information that doesn’t change such as an “about” page, or “books you should read” or “basic information.” You can’t make posts to these pages, nor can you categorize or tag them.

    If you are planning to write about several topics, you obviously can set up separate blogs for each topic.

    But if you want to have only one blog, then what you want to do is assign categories to each post according to the topics you write about. Say you write about poetry, and other stuff. For each post you write, assign the appropriate category. Then use a category widget in your sidebar so your readers can choose to read about only poetry or personal stuff.


    excellent!! thanx, i get it now…..where in other blog sites, you have modules for book lists and so on, on wordpress you have a page. i see.


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    Yes, pages are good for material that does not change like book lists.

    But don’t dismiss the power and versatility of “categories” to allow your readers to choose your articles of interest… And to allow you to write about the many things you are interested in. All in one blog!

    By using categories, your readers can click on, say, “me poems” to read only your posts about the poetry you have written.
    But your readers can also choose a category such as, for example, “my favorite restaurants” or “recipes” Or whatever else you want to write about.

    Those options are endless: you can write about many topics, and readers can choose to look at what interests them.

    Does this make sense to you?



    yes this helps me to understand. I was trying to create pages with different headings. I will try to catergorise now, Thank you.


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    You are welcome—it’s always nice to hear when an answer is helpful.


    I am having 2 wordpress blog.
    Now i need is when i post in first blog it shold automatically post in second blog also.
    How to do that?…
    ex:- &
    If i post in 1 blog it should automatically come to 2blog also.
    Is there any way?…
    pls reply….



    Automatic posting of duplicate material is not allowed on It’ll get both your blogs suspended.

    Also, as far as I know it’s not possible.



    You could have a poetry page in your blog and edit in a new poem. Then you couold turn around and make a post of the poem. This would keep the URL’s and titles different so there is no conflict in the operation of the Word Press blogs. I have a galleries page where I post all my pictures. When I get new pictures I will add them to the galleries and I will also make a slide show of the new ones and post them.



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