Can anybody help a wordpress newbie?

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    Can someone help me? I just started blogging yesterday and I’m looking for some help. Here is my question:

    I have a diagram that has been drawed in ithink. In order to upload it into my blog I saved it in Visio as a jpeg and upload it into my text.

    This works fine, but the drawing is so small you can hardly read it.

    Can anybody explain what I should do or should have done differently
    to make my text and drawing readable?

    Th other thing I have problems with is how to create a bulli list.

    Thanks in advance,
    Kelly Anches
    The Netherlands




    We need to see the picture to see what is occuring.

    Use the ‘li’ button within your editor at the start and ending of each item to make a bullet list. What will occur is a <li> tag will be placed at the front of a item and a </li> will be at the ending.

    Hope this helps,



    Hey Kelly, if you use the Rich-Text-Editor, you will see some icons on top of the textarea while editing. So click on the image, than click on the icon with the little tree (or just press ALT-M). In the Options-Menu which appears then, you can easily adjust the dimensions of the image (height and width). Hope this helps.



    In the Options-Menu which appears then, you can easily adjust the dimensions of the image (height and width).

    All that will do is resize the original picture. If the text is too small to read, enlarging the picture will just washout the text.

    Really need to see this to see whatis going on.


    dr.mike and rollmops – thanx very much for your reply. I just arrived home from my work and deadly tired, so I’m going to implement the solutions tomorrow.

    drmike, if you’re interested you can have a look at the image at:

    Kelly Anches
    The Netherlands



    I see now what the issue is.

    You’re looking at the thumbnail on your blog and you’re not linking it to the original picture. My Dutch is pretty bad so you’re going to have to figure out the translation when you do this.

    Take a look at the FAQ on the uploading the picture suject and find where it says “You now have 6 options.” What you’re doing currently is the ‘Using Thumbnail’ and the ‘Not Linked’ options. (Again, for you it would be in Dutch.) What you’re seeing on your website is the thumbnails which is why they’re so small.

    Two options here:

    ‘Use Thumbnail’ and ‘Linked to Image’ – That would keep the thumbnail within your Post but, when you click on the image, it would take you to the full size picture. This is what I normally recommend since there are still those out there on dial up connections.

    ‘Use Original’ and ‘Not Linked’ – This would actually put the full size image within the post instead of the thumbnail. I would recommend it for you because your pictures are technical in nature and folkd would be clicking through anyway and you probably don’t want to interupt their reading.

    Hope this helps,


    when you’re adding the images to the post, click on each image and make sure it says ‘Using Original’ (translated, obviously). If it says ‘Using Thumbnail’, click on it to change it to the fullsized version.
    then when you click ‘Send to Editor’, it should come in full size.

    the image you inserted:

    the full sized one:


    Gentlemen – both my issues are solved and I would take the time to say thanks to all of you.

    Sometimes things are easy if you know how.

    Both issues were solved in a second or two and I’m happy.

    Kelly Anches
    The Netherlands

    p.s. I’m starting to love this thing called blogging and I feel lucky to be part of a community like yours.


    sunburntkamel thanks for your answer to blackbeltkelly.

    blackbeltkelly thanks for asking just the right questions. Like you I’ve just started blogging. I was wondering why my uploaded images appeared so small in my blog entries, but had accepted it. I use a free Flickr account to put in bigger pictures.
    I accidently came across your enquiries and I’m now enjoying the solutions too. Thnx.

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