Can anyone comment on my blog?

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    Just to clarify – because I can’t work out if this is the case or not: Can *anyone* leave a comment on my wordpress blog without having to create a username? like on livejournal etc..

    At the moment it seems like they can’t (I checked by trying to leave a comment on my own blog when i was signed out) – and I went to Options > Discussion but there doesn’t seem to be an option for letting just anyone comment without “logging in” and having to create an account of their own… is this because it’s simply not an option?



    Right now, anyone from anywhere can comment on your blog without creating a username. At least I can, even when I’m signed out. Try it again?



    There might be a “javascript payload” in the comment form, I’m not sure, but if there is, and you aren’t allowing jscript, it might reject your coments.



    mindsalot, “checked by trying to leave a comment”: What post? Was the field to submit the comment there? What happened when you clicked Submit?

    Options > General
    “Users must be registered and logged in to comment”
    which defaults to off, and which you do not have enabled
    (I filed a bug asking this to be moved to Options>Discussion)

    Options > Discussion
    It looks like you only require “Comment author must fill out name and e-mail”



    it’s ok – fixed it – the option wasn’t on the Discussion bit as would seem logical! it was somewhere else! thanks for all your input though

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