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  1. Okay so I went to upgrades, and bought 10 credits so I can use my domain name. I set it up and it stated that domain name was sucsessful. So I go to my link and it doesnt work! It doesnt load anything.. so I tryed to go on my sub domain to check on my site, and it won't work EATHER! What should I do? I payed 10 dollars for this!

    I changed the name servers...
    Do I perhaps have to have host...?? But if I do how am I not even able to go to my sub domain site??

    Please help, I would greatly appreciate it.

  2. HAHAHAH...NEVER MIND IT WORKS NOW.. ALL I HAD TO DO IS delet history and cookies and now it works fine... LOL But it really didnt work for 2 day.


    Okay, it works with AOL but with explorer it does not work!!
    Or Firefox, or AOL EXPLORER!??

    Can anyone help me?? the link is the site doesnt show up in other browsers excempt AOL!! WHY!!!!?


  4. Every one of us answering your multiple posts into more than one thread on the support forum are unpaid volunteers , your fellow bloggers.
    At this point none of us has come forward with a solution. Volunteers on the forum cannot help you. We do not have back-end access to blogs, only staff do.
    I would suggest that you locate the light blue feedback button on the upper right hand corner of your blog and send a feedback to staff containing as much information as possible in it and then patiently await their response.
    Obscene language and angry outpourings written all in capital letters with multiple exclamation marks is not appreciated. :| It makes volunteers feel like you are shouting at us. :|
    Please don't forget to send staff a feedback.

    Regarding advertising and "running a business" on a non-commercial free blog please read this thread carefully

  5. Two things.

    1. the link works for me.
    2. This looks awfully much like a commercial blog...

  6. (1) It works for me too.
    (2) I concur.
    (3) I have now posted the thread outlining advertising restrictions on blogs.
    (4) I checked this blog three times and find it surprising that comments are turned off.

  7. okay more bad news, my web site is suspended??? All I did is buy a domain name, and then bought a 10 cerdits, and then they suspend it??

    I have no idea what is going on. When I used the link it didnt work, it only worked with AOL. I wasnt even notified what I did wrong?

    Im probably not even going to get my money bacck...

  8. timethief-cornell

    Im not using adsense. because you acnnot use adsence they dont allow to put the link inside. This is not a web site where you can buy stuff, this is just a site where I can orginize my customers. There is absolutely no advertisements on my site.

    If I was, suspended, for ADS, then it was a missunderstanding.

    This was a very odd experience.

    The only reason Im able to post here, is because Im using my other account.

  9. Do not despair. The last time we had a report like this a blogger went on and on and on instead of sending a feedback to staff as I suggested from the outset. And, in the end the suspension proved to be an accidental glitch.
    Please don't waste your time or ours dialogging on the forum, where volunteers do not have backend access and can do nothing to help you. I'm sure you want a quick resolution to your problem and we cannot provide it.
    Please send a feedback to staff or email support at this domain dot com and include as many details as you can in it.

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