Can anyone help me?

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    I was not debating policy, I admitted I made the mistake of not reading the TOS because I was in such a hurry. Many people on the forum were nice enough to offer kind words – people do make mistakes.

    Sorry if I’m honest and can admit to my mistakes on this forum. Hopefully another newbie will read this thread and know the “mortal sins” here at Word Press.

    People do not need to treat me like I’m an outcast – If I was one of those shady people, I would have made up some lies and denied everything. Best policy for life – Admit your mistakes and then move on.

    To make you happy, I will close the thread.


    Thanks for marking the thread “resolved”. Yours is a policy issue. Volunteers provide support for using the wp-MU software only. They do not provide emotional support and they are not allowed to enter into policy issue debates.


    Many of the posts have strayed some, and other volunteers have provided “emotional” support. I don’t see the problem. Is there any particular volunteer handbook you’d like to link to? And it’s not a debate. It’s more a feature request. And yes, I know that goes through the standard request procedure.

    I may be fairly new to WordPress, but I’ve read a lot of the topics and I didn’t get the impression that this was boot camp.



    Abbydon – it’s not boot camp. We like to think of ourselves as fairly friendly round here. The only things that we tend to get pulled up by moderators for is hijacking the threads and trying to suggest resolutions to policy issues. We’ve had some stonking arguments about this in the past and it was decided by the powers that be that if something is heading towards polidy then we should point this out and suggest (politely!) that the OP should use the support button in their dashboard (assuming they can get to it!)

    We have an off-topic section where we could (and should!) take the discussion (such as the DUI stuff). This keeps the support threads specifically with support information and not loads of drivel, like I seem to be doing now so will shut up!



    We are not allowed to discuss policy in the forums as that is completely in Staff control. Policy issues are to be directed to Staff through feedback, support tab in this forum or an email to support at

    There is no real ‘handbook’ for volunteers written out, but most of us go by the general code of forums including:

    *  Familiarity with WordPress functions and features
        * Familiarity with WordPress terminology
        * Ability to understand the intent behind the question, not just the question (not everyone can write English very well so sometimes we have to interpret or ask more questions)
        * Patience
        * Willingness to go the extra step

    In addition, common sense is the biggest one to follow. If it seems like it wouldn’t be allowed, then don’t do it. We are just trying to help people out here and I like to leave as much emotion out as possible.

    As for closing the thread, no need. Policy questions go to staff, so I will just mark it as resolved!



    I’m sorry. I’m a 5-year member and 1-year Leader at vbCity, so I guess I’m used to a more relaxed community. Here I will refrain from questioning/recommending policy or actions, straying off-topic at all, and providing “emotional” support. Thank you for clarifying that, Trent.



    Boot Camp. ? It’s hell week. :)



    This seems to have been a productive conversation, even if it is forbidden. Really, trent, what can WordPress do to us if we debate policy? Take our policy away?

    As I see it, we are not infrequently called on to explain policy, and to discuss policy. What we do try to avoid is making up policies, pretending to control policy, or relentlessly slagging policy.



    You know exactly what I was referring to raincoaster when I was talking about policy. If you want to micro examine what I said then you are correct ;) Explaining policy is not debating policy and that is what I was getting at.




    Okay, I’m just hypersensitive because we’ve been stomped on for any policy-related comments sometimes. I’m just naturally literal-minded, not trying to bird-dog you on this.

    Oops. This is raincoaster. The damn mask won’t come off!




    Pull harder!

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